Picnicking in Lilly

Mackenzie and I worked with Lilly Pulitzer to put together two fun shoots for a total of four outfits. While brainstorming ideas for how we wanted to do it, Mackenzie and I figured that doing two of our favorite Upper East Side things together would be amazing. Mackenzie and I only live ten blocks apart so we’re always doing fun things in the area! You’ll find our picnic pictures here on College Prep and our brunch outfits on Mackenzie’s blog (it’s our favorite weekend spot).
We’re only a short walk away from Central Park (thank goodness), so we packed a picnic and searched for the perfect spot.

Don’t fall in Kenz!

We’re in the height of a heat wave right now… So simple bread, fresh fruits, and sweet little snacks are the perfect things for an afternoon picnic.

My Outfit:
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