Kids Reacting

Really powerful.

Have you seen the Kids Reacting video yet? What did you think?

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As a multi-racial kid, this was always my "normal" growing up which was why it was SO exciting to see this commercial and pretty surprising when the initial backlash happened.
This video strikes the perfect line between inspiring and hilarious – I love it! 🙂

Thanks for posting, Carly!

J. Parker

PS the little girl at 8:25 absolutely KILLS it. Watch out, Oprah! #lifecoachintraining

Anna Selby

I hadn't heard anything about this controversy before I found myself bored at work and stumbled upon this video on your blog. While I was at first outraged that there was a controversy over this in the first place, these kids replaced that feeling of anger with one of hope and joy! What little inspiring people. They are so full of love and acceptance, it actually makes me excited to have kids one day (I am a VERY career oriented 20-something)!

Thanks for sharing!

– AK