Some fun news! Mike and I are heading to Copenhagen for a (very) quick trip at the end of the month. He has a work conference in London, so we’re going to head over a little bit early together. We’re going just the two of us and we are both so ready for it. We needed something good to look forward to and this is just what the doctor ordered.

We were trying to figure out where to go, once we knew we could go (lining up childcare, clearing schedules, etc.). Needed to be somewhat convenient for Mike to get to London, I was hoping for easy direct flights, and we both wanted to go somewhere we didn’t mind visiting during the winter. (This last point crossed a lot of places off our list!) Oh, and we didn’t want to go somewhere huge where we would feel stressed about trying to “see” everything. Oh, oh, and we really wanted to go somewhere neither of us had been before. (Yes! Even me!)

We decided on Copenhagen! I can’t wait!!!

So it’s a really short trip, but I wanted to poll you all for any must-sees and dos! Restaurants, shops, sites.

THANK YOU! Can’t wait!

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Recs from my sister who is an expat married to a Dane!

– The little mermaid statue
– Kastellet (a star shaped military fort by the water)
– Nyhavn— the boat tour lets you see a large part of the canals in the city!
– Goboat/friendship boats — a fun way to see the city by water!
– Amalienborg castle (where the royal family sometimes lives)
– Tivoli
– Strøget (the main shopping street)
– Christiania (an alternative part of the city!)
– Flea markets are so good in Denmark! They’re usually posted on Facebook, just search for “loppemarked”

My own recommendation is a store called Søstrene Grene. It’s sort of like an ikea for beautiful house wares/odds & ends. Lots of nice stuff for children, stationary, kitchen tools… beautiful gifts galore!

Krista S.

I will be so interested in the recommendations you get! My son just surprised me with a July trip to Copenhagen to celebrate my retirement from teaching. Can’t wait!


Barabba — Danish restaurant
AOC – 2 star Michelin (they have another “sibling” restaurant named No. 2, more affordable)
Barr – Scandinavian restaurant
Hallernes Smorrebrod in Torvehallerne food market
Andersen Maillard bakery – for their famous square pastries

Not tried but highly recommended
Hart Bageri – Bakery
Iluka — Seafood

And rent bikes (although some hotels provide them for free). Everything is bikeable.


I spent a semester in Copenhagen and it is truly such a great city. It was several years ago so my reccs are probably rusty, but you definitely should ride bikes — the best way to see the city, and will give you a good sense of what it’s like to be a Dane! Tivoli inspired Walt Disney World and is a wintery treat. The Louisiana Art Museum is just very cool. The Black Diamond is a library right on the water and is seriously one of the coolest libraries I’ve ever been to – just a really beautiful building. I used to study there between classes. Also, every candy store is incredible and I think gave me a huge sweet tooth that I go this day still have. Lastly, the 7/11s are actually awesome and have good hotdogs.


This sounds so random but the hot dogs!!! There are stands everywhere but they come with a bunch of delicious toppings and are SO GOOD (and I normally hate hot dogs!) I’d also recommend climbing the spire at the Church of our Savior. There’s a great covered gourmet market called TorvehallerneKBH that sells so many yummy things! Enjoy!!!


YES, I was also going to comment that hot dogs are an essential! They are a really big deal in Denmark, super available all over Copenhagen, and very good!


I wish I had something to offer but I was there for such a short time, so long ago, that I’ve got nothing 🤪. HOWEVER, I have always told my husband and kids that I LOVED my quick trip and have always known I would want to go back. It is on our family’s short list and I can’t wait to get your recommendations when you get back!!

Laura Gregory

Merritt Beck (the Style Scribe) has a podcast and she made a whole episode in December of her recent travels to Copenhagen! She had lots of recommendations for restaurants, shops, and things to do. Her podcast is called “Beck and Call.” Excited to follow along on your trip!


Aw so fun! I went a few years ago and highly recommend Noho for dinner (it’s a cool vibe and they have good falafel) and Fars Dreng for breakfast/lunch! There is also a cool spot along the water with little mini trampolines you can jump on.

Lauren Robinson

Hi Carly! Believe it or not I began following your blog about the time I went to Copenhagen for a study abroad. Tried to condense 4 months of tips down, feel free to reach out with any questions!!

-Botanical garden of Copenhagen
-Warm enough, go swim in Kastrup Sea Bath (on Amager, beautiful beach and they created this enclosed area to jump into the water) or Islands Brygge has a place to jump off as well (right near where Go Boats is located). They have saunas in the winter here as well.
-Go Boats: Great way to see the canals! You can pack dinner and beer/wine and have a great time. You steer yourself, but they move slowly so it is easy. You can also get a canal tour.
-Kastellet aka Star Park: Great for a walk with beautiful windmills and right next to the famous Little Mermaid
-Ørstedsparken: Beautiful park with a pond, right in Kobenhavn K.
-Superkilen/Nørrebro Parken: Very cool art park.
-Assistens Cemetery: where Hans Christian Andersen is buried.

-Church of Our Savior (lots of steps but beautiful views)
-Round Tower.

To Do:
-Orchestra: went to a orchestra performance for $20 and LOVED it. They have a bunch of operas and theater shows so take advantage!
-Tivoli: In the winter it is full of lights and rides for children
-If you like sculptures, Glyptotek art museum
-Rosenborg Castle/Gardens: Gorgeous gardens, take advantage of the nice weather and have a picnic with beer/wine on the grounds. One of my favorite memories in Copenhagen!
-Nyhavn is the pretty houses street. Also the best place to try smorgasbord.
-The Trampolines: on the sidewalk between the Standard and Nyhavn.
-Mikkeller and Friends: all over the city and arguably the best beer in Copenhagen.

-Mad &Kaffee: Classic Danish Brunch!
-Paludans: Classic brunch and the setting is in a bookshop almost.
-Skt. Peters Bakery: Cinnamon Rolls, aka the best part of Copenhagen!!
-Living Room: Good coffee shop to relax in, the chai tea is my favorite.
-Next Door Cafe: Amazing for breakfast, lunch or a quick drink! They have amazing chai tea lattes and breakfast food all day.
-Bolly Food: Good Indian
-Mother: Good Pizza
-Torvehallerne: an indoor market that is THE place if you are a foodie. I could spend hours in there trying the foods.

-Download Rejseplannen. You can use it for all public transportation. It tells you which train to take and which platform to be on. You can also search for different lines, walking distance and bike routes.

Coralys M

While I’ve never been I cant wait to hear what you do. I know Rachel Martino is currently there since you have meet each other in the past she could be of help

Mrs Rebecca Newstead

Amazing! Tivoli is absolutely beautiful at night, so many lights as well as fun rides, little shops and places to eat as well!


I’ve never been to Copenhagen but we always look for a food tour everywhere we go! It’s a great way to go to places you wouldn’t think of, get a bit of the culture and eat amazing food! The Secret Food Tour has been a great choice. Did their London tour recently and it was amazing! Have a great time!


My friend and I just went to Copenhagen for four days in the beginning of January and loved it!!! Some of our favs:

-Ruby: a cocktail bar with a great vibe
-Restaurant Kronborg: amazing smorrebrod
-Ditto the previous comment about checking out the mini trampolines on the sidewalk of the Havnegade Harbour Promenade while close to Nyhavn
-Copenhot: hot tubs (and a cold bath!) outside of a brewery with a view of the city lights
-if you have time, a day trip (40 minute train) to Malmo Sweden is SO worth it: bike to the beach, walk around the beautiful Slottstragarden, enjoy Swedish meatballs at Malmo Saluhall, and have dinner/drinks at Ruth’s!

Stacey Peery

Tivoli Gardens – This is like a theme park but it’s so different from any place that I had been that it was fun to just walk around it. I wouldn’t say it’s a must but it was interesting!

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – this is outside of the city but easy to get to by train. Then you walk through a quaint town. It was one of the coolest museums I’ve been. Highly recommend!

Aly Ferguson

Copenhagen is the best! My husband’s work is based in Denmark and he’s been a few times in the past year. We are going back in April — I join any chance I get!

– La Barraba, get the caviar pasta and some orange wine, it is unreal, make reservations
– Ved Stranden 10, go for lunch, the vibes are terrific, amazing wine and cheese plates
– La Banchina, it’s a small cafe/coffee bar on the way out to Reffen, has wine and beer, amazing food, and a sauna!, also have a locally sourced tasting menu that’s I’ve been dying to try, right on the water
– Reffen is an outdoor container unit food hall – not sure what it’s like outside of the summer but super fun and tons to explore
– War Pig & Mikkeler – BBQ and craft beer in a cool neighborhood
– Torverhallen – like Chelsea Market but half somewhat outdoors with flowers and farmers markets and food/drink/coffee/fish, in a cute neighborhood and so much to explore
– Banegaarden – if it’s not too cold, bike over here, it’s a hidden garden food/beer garden that was magical
– Ancestrale – beautiful wine bar in a quiet neighborhood
– Bird – cocktail bar with a vinyl DJ (if either of you like Negronis, the white Negroni was game changing)

– Hart Bageri, the best bakery I’ve ever been to – morning buns with cheese are a must, and the best cardamom bun in the world (we went twice!)
– Prolog Coffee, so cute, very trendy, amazing people watching
– Coffee Collective, trendy coffee

Neighborhoods to explore:
– Kobenhavn – trendy but less polished, more industrial area
– Norrebro – so so cool, go grab a beer at Brus and get style Inso from the coolest Danish women (I cannot wait to get back here)

– Mads Norgaard is so cool, the space is beautiful and the clothes and jewelry are fun, good mens clothes too
– HAY House, home store right in the middle of the city, you’ll leave with candlesticks and a lot of design inspiration
– Not a specific store recommendation but pop into tiny kids shops for adorable knitwear and Maileg mice for Jack!

Other tip — take the train in from the airport. It’s cheaper, faster, and very very easy! Cabs were a little overpriced and it took a while. We were jet lagged and the train was like 3 stops and simple.

Have the best time!

Caitlyn Wessel

Juno is an amazing bakery. Louisiana Museum is great but an hour train ride so might not be the best option.

Carolyn W

I also studied abroad in Cophengen while in college – and I second the rec for Skt. Peters Bakery (best pastries!) and Paludans (my favorite chai latte) – and I know it sounds weird, but the hot dogs from the street carts are just the best!  My favorite is the one with the roll that looks like a baguette. For a traditional Danish smorrebrod (open-faced sandwich), you could try Selma, a lovely little restaurant associated with the Mikkeler brewery.  Last time I visited, I did a Danish pastry class at “Terrible Pastry School” that I very much enjoyed – you make a bunch of pastries to bring home with you!  I also love window shopping at the big department stores (e.g. Magasin, Illum Bolighus, Royal Copenhagen) along Stroget (a pedestrian walking street that runs through part of the city).  And, Tivoli is an amusement park in the middle of the city that is just so cute (and Disney was inspired by it)!  Don’t miss Nyhavn for some classic Danish architecture or Rosenborg Slot, a castle located in one of the city’s gardens. Have so much fun!


I was in Copenhagen in 2021 in a babymoon-type trip. Some favorites:

– Walking through Nyhavn (as pictured!)
-Reffen- a market of food stalls. Pregnant me loved the variety of food. We also enjoyed Nordhavn Coffee Roasters there (still some of our favorite beans) and Mikkeller Baghaven right nextdoor (my husband drank, not me, but we did bring a bottle home that we opened when I was able to drink).
-Kadeau was a phenomenal dining experience, highly recommend.
-Rosenborg Castle was a nice visit
-We also really enjoyed the options for coffee (Prolog) and food in the Meatpacking District.
-CUB Coffee Bar, Lilla Kafferosteriet, and Roast Coffee were also good (we really like coffee).

Enjoy your trip! We were actually only there three nights and I feel like we saw a lot thanks to walking and biking.

Melanie Albright

Rach Martino is there right now! You should look at what she’s doing/text her after she gets back 🙂


I visited CPH in Feb one year, and it was the coziest place to be in the cold, dark months!! Royal Smushi Cafe is very cute. CUB coffee and Risteriet for good coffee,. And if you’re have any affinity at all for oatmeal, Grod is a must!


I went with my mom in November! We hired a private tour guide for our first day and he was amazing! It was a walking tour but he tailored it to our interests and needs plus he showed us cool places that are not touristy including a board game cafe. He also explained how everything works, best way to get around, etc. I really recommend going that route as it sets you up for the rest of the trip. His name is Jens F. from Tours by Locals. Hope this helps!


Great news and a great choice! I went to Copenhagen with a friend a few years ago. We stayed only 2 nights since both of us had a husband managing 2 toddlers at home and it’s not far from Finland.
We went to see the little mermaid (it really is small), Tivoli (a quaint old amusement park with gorgeous plants and flowerbeds) and the picturesque streets by the sea with small boats etc but I felt that for us the best part was walking around (it is a very walkable city!) , hanging out in cafes and restaurants and enjoying the happy and laid back atmosphere. Everyone seemed to be smiling and there were so many people cycling to places in a stylish and non sporty way!!!

For lunch you could try the famous smørrebrød and there should be a decent selection of Legos/Duplos if you want to bring something back for Jack.

In terms of the weather it can be quite windy but otherwise not arctic.

Brittany L.

The Fresh Market on Rømersgade is fun with lots of great food, especially on a sunny day! Coffee Collective in that market is great! Botanical gardens& King’s garden are fantastic for a beautiful outdoor stroll, the Union Kitchen & Ø12 on Østerfarimasgade are great eats with fantastic staff. It’s such a beautiful city and so walkable! Enjoy!!

Alexis M

I am so excited for y’all!! You’re going to have the *best* time. I visited Copenhagen twice last year and it’s such a nice, relaxing city. My top, top rec would be visiting Juno the Bakery for their cardamom buns! That place is now my favorite bakery in the world, and their cardamom buns cannot be beat. Another top rec is getting dinner reservations at Høst – it’s Michelin-quality food for a fraction of the price. The food and the atmosphere are both amazing. I also recommend Tivoli Gardens – it’s the most beautiful amusement park I’ve ever visited, and it’s small so it’s doable if you have just a few hours.Walt Disney himself was inspired by it to create Disneyland. Hope you have the best trip and can’t wait to see your pictures!


We did Copenhagen in January for just a couple days. Really enjoyed the Torvahallerne food hall! It’s extremely cold there so don’t feel the need to schlep out to the Little Mermaid statue, it’s really nothing special.

Anna Kay

This is so fun – so excited for you!! We went in 2016 for our honeymoon and didn’t want to leave! Admittedly we did a bunch of touristy things but our host was a food journalist for the city and he gave great suggestions. We loved trying the smorrebrød and seeing the rooms/view at Christiansborg Palace. The Botanical Gardens were great. We went to Tivoli just to see but I honestly could have skipped. The food market Papirøen is on the water and very cool! Can recommend the boat tour, and just walking around Nyhavn seeing the sites was one of our favorites. Oh and don’t miss out on a latte from Coffee Collective – best ever!! I actually still have a photo of the map the host marked up for us – happy to send it along if it would be helpful!


Omg this is a sign!! I put Copenhangen on my 2023 vision board and it keeps showing up places. Please do a recap / recommendations post when you come back!


I’m so excited for you! I was there for 5 days this past July and loved it! The city can be seen so easily on foot (or bike, of course!), so I think the best way to see it is pick a couple destinations and just enjoy the walk (as much as you can in the colder temperatures).

To do: We loved the Christiansborg Palace best. You can see as much or as little as you want, but the Royal Reception rooms are stunning. You can also get some great views of the city that trump The Round Tower’s.
Amalienborg is also beautiful, but you can’t see much aside from the Queen’s collection of jewelry (fascinating, but won’t take you terribly long to get through) since the royal family lives in its buildings.

Museums: The National Museum of Denmark is great for an all-day experience or to skip to the viking display. The Danish War Museum has some cool displays of ships on the second floor (skip the first!) and won’t take as long.
The Danish Architecture Center was super fun and interactive – probably my favorite. The Library is right next-door and beautiful inside if you’re able to pop in!
I’d say skip The Little Mermaid statue if you’re not there for long. It’s really just a statue and a bit far from everything central.

To eat: Pastries! They have some of the best, so every day there should start with at least one pastry! Hart Bageri is slightly north of the city-center, but worth the trek for a cardamom bun.
Copenhagen is known for so many good restaurants, but you can’t go wrong with many you may stumble upon to find smorrebrod, or any other cuisine since it’s a very international city! You can also find two competing hot dog carts in City Hall Square if you’re looking for a mid-day hotdog! They take them seriously there. 🙂
Tivoli Gardens wasn’t my top priority, but they have a cute food hall that you can walk into for a quick bite.
Nyhavn is of course a must-see and a great photo op, but it’s not the best place to sit and eat because the food is generally not as great and over-priced.
Shopping: Stroll down Strøget Street to find all of the shops that you could ask for!
Have fun!!!


Andersen & Maillard bakery if you’re in the neighborhood — loved the food, drinks, and the whole vibe (I think this bakery was already recommended above — second it!)


I recommend the restaurant Grød. There are several in Copenhagen and is a great breakfast or lunch spot if you like fancy porridge or dhal.


– Buy a children book by Majbrith Andresen – Kob Numsebogen
– Grab some brekfast, open sandwich, at Torvehallerne, market place, near to Botanical garden. A cross the street you have a gallery of Danish design products, also you have cheap and fun Flying Tiger shop 😀
– On a weekend you can go to Grand Teatre cinema, for a brekfast. Across the street is a nice coffee shop.
– Tivoli is closed now.
– You need to know, you cannot have stroller, with a baby in a restaurant or cafe, need to leave them outside.
– You can skip the Mermaid. Christiania is a hippie commune where you can buy weed and takeing puctures is forbidden.
– Most bakeries are good.
– Everything is expensive.


I went to Copenhagen for the first time in October 2022 and am actually going back at the end of the month! There is currently a light festival going on until 26th Feb which looks really good. Hoping to do an evening walking round some of them and then head somewhere for dinner.

I’d highly recommend the restaurant Høst, but look into booking it soon as it get’s busy (same with any other nice restaurants there, book ASAP)

The metro was really easy to use, I have the CityMapper app that was really handy. I’d definitely recommend the train in from the airport, was cheap and quick.

Hope you have a great trip, it’s really a wonderful place to visit (hence my quick return!)


So exciting! I would DEFINETELY recommend the Tivoli and the botanical gardens (if the weather allows it). A great Hotel to stay in (very cozy and also in a central location) is imho the Hotel Skt. Annæ.

Also a great thing to see if you´re into that is the design museum:
This would also be something nice to do if the weather is not too great.

Have fun and enjoy your stay! Copenhagen is such a laid back city, you will love it there!


I studied abroad in Copenhagen and it was one of the best periods of my life! You cannot miss trying the “street meat” aka the hotdogs on every corner! They are so delicious and high quality. Ask for all the toppings! It comes with several types of mustard, pickles, onions, etc. Sounds odd but it is amazing!

Brooke Nielsen

I LOVE Copenhagen! We have been three times to visit my husband’s family who lives in Denmark. Last summer we had family who stayed at the Copenhagen Admiral hotel and loved it. Highly recommend a canal tour of some sort. We’ve done the large ones that leave from Nyhavn but I HIGHLY recommend the company we used last year, Hey Captain, We did a private tour with our family and loved it.

Some people say Tivoli is cheesy but I have been twice and loved it. The flowers and greenery are great in the summer, not sure how it would be in winter.

Have an amazing time!


We just visited! In my opinion, the Little Mermaid is overrated (quite small), but the park its in is beautifiul, so if you happen to stumble upon it great, but don’t go out of your way to visit it. Pastries: June the Bakery, Hart Bageri, Anderson Maillerd. Coffee: Democratic Coffee (next to a cool library), Prolog Coffee, Coffee Collective. The TorvehallerneKBH is the fanciest food court you’ll ever see. Grod is delicious in there, also lots of smorbrod options (local dish). Walk across through Christianhavn, take metro to Osterbro and Fredericksberg to see different neighborhoods. |Tivoli will still be closed in Feb, bring lots of layers, scarves and hats for sure! Warm coat, gloves, comfy warm shoes. You’ll love it!