DIARY No. 90

Sharing some happy highlights from the past couple of weeks.

These two! Jack and the dogs are really starting to bond. We don’t force it, but it’s starting to naturally happen and I’m here for it. Jack will throw them tennis balls and they’ll happily sit on the couch together.

This is what adult friendship looks like in 2023! This Motrin/Tylenol shortage is crazy but one of my friends found some at Target and she picked us up an extra box. Such a relief.

On a “warm” day in winter, this is how you can find me…. with my head out of the car trying to get a couple minutes of warmth from the sun. There is just no greater feeling.

My new Diane Hill phone case arrived! I mixed it up from the one I previously had for two of my older iPhones and picked a new design this time. I am obsessed with it.

Speaking of trying new things, I’ve been experimenting with new makeup! This is a pretty big deal for me because I’ve been doing the same routine using the same products for years. Kind of fun to try new products and new techniques. (All the products.)

We walked into town recently after daycare pickup and went out to an early dinner together. We’ve been kind of ditching the stroller for these shorter walks and letting Jack lead the way! I love to see what he’s interested in, what he wants to look at (I think most of the time he’s just searching for dogs “dog! dog! dog!”), and generally seeing the world through his perspective.

I loooooove a good burger and beer combo!

Oh, hi big boy. We’ve also been practicing snack time at his little table (versus the high chair). It cracks me up and makes my heart swell! The table is his toddler tower, by the way, it folds down into a table with a little bench. He stands with us in the morning to cook breakfast, make coffee, etc and then we fold it down for snacks and crafts! Genius! (My parents got it for him for his first birthday!)

Getting his little Valentines ready to go!

A friend sent us pints of ice cream for a pick me up and it was such a thoughtful (and delicious) gesture.

And finally…. a little sneak peek of our house! I’m trying to not give too much away on social media since we have a lot more to do, but I’ll reward you loyal blog readers with a peek 😉

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Ashley B

Love following your blog! Can you share where you got the prints behind Jack at his little table?

Connie Bruno

Love all your pics, but especially interested in the 3 prints on the wall where Jack is having his snack! Could you share where you purchased these?