Coral, Gold, and Pearl Statement Necklaces

So I’ve been wearing the same few necklaces over and over again. All winter long. They’re amazing, but I do get a little sick of not breaking up the routine. Truthfully, I really do wear the same type of uniform every day. More truthfully, I’ve been struggling (big time) with the whole cute belt thing.
So I am bored with my necklaces and find my uniform a-okay…. what am I supposed to do? Shop online for new statement necklaces!!! Duh. Totally normal, right?
I online shop by right-clicking and opening a million and a half tabs of the things that spark my interest. Then I go back through and close out things that I actually don’t like as much as the others. Maybe this is a weird process, but it seems to work. I can generally avoid any impulse buys and I can cross compare similar products. (You know like at the eye doctor, “Better one…. or two? Three….. or four?”)
I can also spot patterns and see what kind of things that I really, really like. Apparently, I’m liking, coral, pearls, and gold. These somewhat dainty, but very-much-statement necklaces are calling my name!!!
I think they’re going to be a perfect addition to my “uniform” to spice things up a little bit and add a little bit more of a P-O-P!
Want to help me one out?
Okay, they’re amazing right? I’m loving the coral pieces. And I do love the gold links too…. Eep! They’re frankly all tempting.
Which would you choose?

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Tanja Coco

my first choise would be estate garden and then coral bloom ant twisted hammok.

I think the others are too big and they attract too much attention so the rest of your outfit can get lost.


I really love all of them! I don't think you can go wrong! My favorites would probably have to be the classic links or beaded rose.


Daniela R.

I shop online the exact same way! I even organize my tab opening process by style, for example I would probably open all the pearl necklaces first, then the gold ones, etc.

Btw, I LOVE the anchors aweigh one! Great choice


Ugh! That Beaded Rose is to die for! I love statement necklaces but I tend to find knock offs or inspired by pieces on etsy shops. Much better for my college student/waitress budget. I will be searching etsy for some designs like these!


Fantastic round up! I recently jumped on the statement necklace train and I couldn't be happier – they jazz up ANY outfit and look great when I have to be branded for work. Thanks for the recs!

xx, Eleanor


Love Estate Garden!!

Have you looked into They have a lot of beautiful statement necklaces that are well made and inexpensive. Which means you can get several 🙂


Haha I'm so glad I'm not the only one that always has a million tabs open when I online shop… I even just instinctively did that for the necklaces! My conclusion- Belle Fleur is GORGEOUS! I'm pretty positive you can't go wrong with any of these!

Lisa Lisa Lisa

I have been really inspired by pearl statement necklaces lately. In particular, I was watching Sabrina (the Audrey version) and one of the characters wore a double strand pearl necklace with a decorative pendent clasp in the back during the party scene. It was fabulous.


I actually chuckled out loud when you mentioned the eye doctor thing… that is exactly what I do when I browse online!
Call me traditional, but Twisted Hammock totally won me over. Adore.


I like Beaded Rose because of the fun color… It's dreadfully wintery here and I need color. Have you looked at anything by Stella and Dot? They make awesome statement pieces.


Coral bloom is my favorite. Twisted Hammock is classic. Anchors Aweigh is beautiful & elegant. Classic Links is a good statement on a classic. The rest don't strike my eye as much, but I like them too.

Madison F

I am absolutely obsessed with the Kate Spade Estate Garden but, it is very expensive. Love all of them though!

Madison xoxo

Meghan Banke

Well, I've had my eye on the Banana Republic Coral Bloom one for a while, but I've also loved the J.Crew pearls as well. Those two and the Pearly Bloom are my favorite!



If I had to choose ONE I'd choose the Estate Garden, but they're all gorgeous – thanks for the inspiration every single day! – Emma

Classic Loving

I know you get migraines alot, and I get a lot of headaches as well- do statement necklaces give you headaches? I feel like anything beyond the size of a tiffany heart gives me a headache after a while and I was wondering if it were the same with statement necklaces? Or maybe you just don't get headaches from necklaces haha 🙂


A little while ago you posted a rhinestone necklace from forever 21 that looked really similar to the one from J.Crew. Do you know which one I am talking about? It was only like $12? Anyway… I bought it but every time I wear it I have problems with it flipping over on me. Do you have the same problem? Have you found any tricks to prevent that?