How to Keep Up with New Year’s Resolutions (+ Video!!!)

So one of the reasons why I broke up my resolutions (but really goals) into the different months was that I wanted to make sure that I stuck with them! I also get bored super, super easily so I like to change it up from time to time. It’s much easier– at least I think– to implement things slowly and then consistently have something new to look forward to!
Even though I broke it up by months, I still wanted to do something so I wouldn’t forget about what I was supposed to be focusing on on a day-to-day basis.
I came up with a solution that’s based on something I did for a class at Georgetown!!! Check out the video for an explanation of what the system is, why I think it will work, and how you can do it for yourself!
Below are copies of what I had printed. You can right click + open in new tab/window to see up close what each say!

After I’ve printed on card stock.
During the slicing and dicing– definitely my favorite part!!!
Ready for lamination!!!

To make sure I had equal edges, I used the width of the scissor blade as a guide!
How will you keep up with your resolutions/goals throughout the year?

And a surprise blooper!!! That horn was going off for legitimately 15 minutes. There is a traffic light at the end of my block (hello, it’s NYC). Delivery trucks ALWAYS block it so the whole street will be lined with cars and everyone gets super angry. Personally, I find it hilarious (mostly because I can just walk right on by the line of cars)… except for when I am trying to film and they keep honking!
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Ria Madden

I really love this post cause it helps a lot with keeping on top of goals or resolutions and it does so in such fun way! Please keep the videos coming cause they really make my day! 🙂
p.s.-Can you please do a post on fonts that you use or love cause I really am so in love with the fonts you're using and I want to see more of them.


Abi Jane

I love this! I am planning to major in entrepreneurship and so I am super excited about having classes like the one you mentioned!

Abi Jane


Yay, a video! Wow, you are super organized. I could stand to be more like that… My goals right now are long term, but they are things I need reminded of. Thinking of making a single card instead of monthly. Thanks for the idea. Also, love your wallet.


Great idea! I immediately made some and had them laminated today! I was looking for a way to keep my 2013 goals in the forefront of my mind and this was the perfect way. Thanks!


I know this was last years post but I found it via Pinterest and LOVE the idea! Thank you so much, I can't wait to get started on my little cards!


I think this is my favorite post/video of yours. I came back to it this year to give it a try, really inspiring. Thank you !

Cynthia Paulino

What a great post! Can you tell me more of this entrepreneur class? It sounds useful.