Cozy and Lazy

Being back in Florida for a week certainly spoiled me. Currently, I’m somewhere between icicle and popsicle status. Earlier in December I bought a space heater from Gilt and it’s been amazing. I carry it around my apartment and plug it into the nearest outlet at all times. And my typical work-from-home uniform right now consists of leggings, college t-shirt, knit sweater, and a men’s henley over it all. And Ugg boots. (To say that I’m jealous of Teddy’s fur coat would be an understatement.) I do have a flair for the dramatic, but my goodness, I am cold!
The only thing on my mind right now is finding warmer clothes. And I’m traveling at the end of the month to an even colder climate… not sure if I’m quite ready for that. I’m a baby, I know. But that’s what growing up in Florida will do to you I guess.
Between the snow and the temperature and my brand new coffee maker, I’m all for being as cozy as possible– especially on the weekends! Now that I can, I relish slow weekends. Any excuse (even if it’s just freezing temperatures) to stay inside and watch back-to-back documentaries in bed is good enough for me.
Anyone else enjoying a lazy Sunday?
PS Someone told me J. Crew made fleece-lined leggings, but I can’t find them! Is this true?! #musthave
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Sylvia Dennis

love cozy and lazy sundays 🙂 I've worked for J.Crew but never heard of the fleece legging so i don't think so … not sure where you can find them in the states though … 🙂 enjoy your sunday

Amanda McDowell

I got my first pair of fleece-lined leggings off of a display at Bed Bath and Beyond, of all the places. Not sure if they have them anymore, but I believe they were only $10. I swear by them, so much more cozy than regular leggings!

The Polished Hippie

Fiona Stevenson

It snowed last night, so I have been enjoying a lazy Sunday and avoiding going outside at all costs. I have a really nice pair of thick knit leggings and old homecoming half-zips to keep me warm.

Hannah Elizabeth

If you don't have one, definitely invest in an insulated, down (or synthetic) filled jacket. I have a red Burberry puffer similar to this but with a hood. The belt definitely prevents you from looking like a marshmallow. My jacket kept me warm in my college mountain town in 12 degree (or lower) blizzard weather and kept my body temp regulated! It's super beat up now, but I pulled it out for the impending deep freeze!

Sugoi Midzero & Subzero tights are another must. They repel rain and are soooooo warm.


Hi Carly! What are some of your favorite documentaries? I always enjoy watching them and would love some recommendations!


I adore my fleece lined leggings from Target (currently on sale for $9 online).

Also, what is up with everyone incorrectly spelling Anthropologie (the store) as Anthropology (the study of humankind)?

Marissa Meleedy

I wore those moccasins almost every day in high school until they'd break and I'd have to get a new pair! I just recently came across another Minnetonka moccasin that's even cozier though! They have a better bottom too so you can wear them outside as much as you want without worrying about them getting too wet! They're similar to these but not as much fluff on the outside! I found them at Marshall's!

Sugar Snap Pearls

I totally understand where you're coming from…Imay have spent last night playing sick and watching movies in bed instead of meeting some friends because i didn't want to deal with the cold 😉
fleece-lined leggings are great, but definitely see them in person before you buy them. the first pair I got weren't as well made as I would've liked and they ended up pilling…ugh! hope you find a pair you like!!!



I'm wearing pj pants, a tank, a sweater, and a hoodie and it's still not super warm. Back to back documentaries sounds like a fabulous way to spend a weekend, though.

Kat Dhariwal

Cozy is pretty much my life right now (It's in the -50s here!). Oh, and I got my fleece lined leggings at Anthropologie! I'm not sure if they carry them at J.Crew though! Hope your lazy Sunday was wonderful!:)

Kat l Ivy & Cedar

Elizabeth Ramsey

Plush makes fleece lined leggings and tights, they are essential for working in NYC (or any city) in the winter! Shopbop sells them as well as Bloomingdales.