Hit the Ground Running

I’m so so so into this running shoe trend right now. I hope it’s not a trend and stays forever and ever. I love wearing heels because I feel a little bit sassier in them, but walking everywhere in the city can be a serious pain (literally) in heels.
And the way these sneaks are being styled, it’s so chic! A little bit sporty, but oh-so-chic. I have a pair of little grey sneakers from H&M which are great in the spring and summer. So casual and easy to throw on when I have to run a million errands and don’t take the subway anywhere.
My favorite part about these trendy sneakers? They work with basically my most favorite (and most worn) outfit: white blouse, cropped jeans. Now we’re a few months and quite a few degrees off from being able to pull of this look without a sweater and coat, but I’m getting prepared.
Okay, but actually. I just need to get my hands on a pair. I’m drinking the Kool-Aid on this one.
I’m for sure getting a pair, I simply cannot help myself. But which to get?!

Navy + Pink // Atomic Pink // Rugby Purple

Jade + Violet // Black + White // Grey + Neon

What do you think of the sneaker trend?

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I love the rugby purple pair — so similar to the Pantone color of the year!


Kira T.

this trend is really cute and can pulled off very well with a slim pair of cute sneakers. I loved the vintage ones that J. Crew had a little while back.

xo Kira


I LOVE the purple ones and had them on my Christmas list but could not find them ANYWHERE (both in stores and online) in my size (6.5). They had them in blue, white, and green (Hartford Whalers colors!) but I just wasn't as attached to them as I was to the purple.


I like the trend on other people, but I just can't do it myself. Maybe I need to search for a pair that isn't quite so bulky.

Elle Hawthorne

If you are looking for a non-bulky option, I own the "Atomic Pink" Nike Frees and they are SO incredibly light! The sole is flexible and the sides are super soft, I've actually carried them in my purse before with no fuss. They come in tons of colors as well.


I love the trend too!! I agree with Jessica that it feels bulky on me, but maybe I need a lesson in styling them. I think it's time to take a peek at the JCrew Style Guide haha. Thanks for sharing some great options!

Noel Edkin

I love all of them! I don't think I would ever rock them though, other than at the gym. All of the shoes are adorable!

Noel |


I'm not a huge fan of the New Balance sneakers… They remind me of the nineties. I wanted some in elementary school and they ran too narrow for my abnormally large seven-year-old feet. 🙁