Cozy Scarf

I have a major confession. With the sun setting so early…. I’ve been kind of tired more than normal. Nothing has really majorly changed in my life, it’s just the sun!!! Because of the way my apartment is situated and the trees on my block, it is DARK inside at 4pm. Legitimately dark at 4pm and completely pitch black at 5pm. It’s so hard to stay focused when it feels like midnight. (I’ve been starting my day extra early to combat this.)

For better or for worse this has translated to my outfits. Almost every day, I’m wearing jeans and a sweater with one of my favorite scarves. So easy, it’s embarrassing!

This is also my most ideal work-from-home outfit. I feel completely comfortable, but it’s not like I’m just lounging in pajamas. I can run downtown for a quick coffee or meet up with friends for dinner at the end of the day and not feel like a total slob. Hello, win-win. 
Oh, and I really do love a good navy and grey combination; it’s Georgetown’s colors!
This Gap scarf has to be my best purchase this fall. I bought it on a whim… I went into Gap for something random for Garrett and couldn’t resist the scarf for myself. It’s also everywhere. I know a lot of girls has the tartan blanket scarf, but I swear… I see a couple of girls on the subway wearing one of the Gap scarves every day! It’s super soft and big enough without being overwhelming and the perfect neutral plaid.
Photos by Bekka Palmer

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Alina Ermilova

I can totally relate to this! It's completely dark at 5pm in my appartment too and that's extremaly annoying! So, recently I've been really productive in the early hours of the day and kind of not so much in the evening…

Love the scarf and the loafers, you're wearing! <3



Ashley Stockwell

A scarf is one of my ways to elevate a simple outfit. Bonus: It doubles as a wrap when my office is freezing! Gap nailed it with their cozy basics this year.

Katherine L

I have last seasons version of the scarf in pink, and in red, and I love it! They are so soft, and comfortable, and perfect for the awkward fall/early-winter weather we've been experiencing! And I'd love if you did more outfit posts; you always look so amazing!