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Gifts for Her… Head to Toe

I spent quite some time ordering Christmas presents, birthday gifts, and omg-you’re-having-a-baby gifts for my friends and family. I’m the WORST secret keeper ever, so Alison (my pregnant friend) and Stacy (my sister) should particularly not click on these links… I got Stacy this for her birthday and I got both Stacy and Alison this for Christmas gifts.
I don’t really have anything on my list because I swear I have everything I could ever want or need… I have a lot more fun picking out presents for my friends and family anyhow! Because I don’t really want anything, I thought it would be fun to share the things I already have and LOVE and think would make great gifts. Everything on this list is something that I have (or is super similar to what I own) and highly recommend. 
Drybar Curling Iron // So this was my birthday present to myself for my 24th birthday. It. Has. Changed. My. Life. Obviously I’m being dramatic here, but it really is the first time in my entire life where I feel in control of my hair. Having grown up with the frizziest of frizz, it’s the best feeling ever when someone compliments my hair or asks how I do it. I owe it all to this curling iron. I will say, it is not easy to get used to, but once you do it’s a game changer. (Here’s a video of how I use it!
Monogrammed Necklace // I resisted the monogram necklace for a while… It seemed like everyone had one. Now I know, there’s a reason why! BaubleBar’s medium pendant is the perfect size… but I think the small would be cute too. This is the perfect wear-every-day necklace.
Tech Gloves // Okay, okay… I just ordered these so I don’t technically have them yet. However, I have a feeling I’m going to be living in these. I have a pair of “glittens” I’ve had for years, but I can’t use my phone when the cap part is pulled over. I can’t wait for these to arrive so my fingers stay warm and I can still navigate my Google Map app for directions on the go. The leather bow is a bonus!
Bobbi Brown Makeup // While I don’t have this particular palette, I have too many to count. Bobbi Brown is my favorite makeup ever and these little palettes make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers. Especially if you’ve never tried the brand before, it’s like a high quality sampler! For the Bobbi Brown fans out there, the deluxe palette is great as well… and this brush set is definitely drool worthy.
Bold Earrings // I’m typically more of a small stud kind of girl, but these are so great! Just what I need to spice up an otherwise simple outfit. Loren Hope can do no wrong.
Turtleneck // Hilarious confession, my mom once gave my something like eight sweaters one Christmas. It was really funny at the time for some reason. Now I think there’s nothing better than a new sweater, or two, although I still think eight is overkill! Maybe it’s because I grew up in Florida, I want ALL the sweaters, the warmest ones I can find, for November through May. 
Barbour Coat // Dream gift alert!
Leopard Belt // This is a bit of a random piece in the mix, but I think every girl needs a leopard belt. It’s my go-to trick to turning a drab outfit into something stylish. Jeans and a button down? Check. Little Black Dress? Check. T-shirt and shorts? Check.
Gigi New York // It’s borderline embarrassing how often I wear this crossbody bag. The perfect shape and size… and the monogram is a bonus point. This is truly a year-round bag, which is not something I can say for every handbag I’ve ever worn. I wore it in the summer with sundresses and it is great with my thickest wool coats!
Hunter Boots // I know shoes can be a difficult gift because of sizing, but I can’t say enough great things about these Hunter boots! A classic gift for any girl, especially for girls in college! While I wear mine year round, I definitely wear mine a LOT January through, like, May. Almost every day it seems like because of the constant slush and melted snow puddles on every corner. Wish I had these while I was at Georgetown!

Riding Boots // I’ve gotten riding boots as gifts for two birthdays and they remain the best, most well-worn things in my closet. (Did I mention these are on sale?)

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A Peachy Sonder

I absolutely adore these recommendations! I am like you- I so enjoy picking the perfect gift for my loved ones. These items are a great place to start. Thank you for sharing!


I'm the worst about giving away secrets too! I think every single person on my list knows what I got for them months before…

Laura Kathleen

So I just returned from Peru and when I was there I bought myself a baby alpaca wool blanket (they're ridiculously less expensive there, I think I found a similar blanket in the US for $375 and I got it for $35), anyways, alpaca wool is THE BOMB, it is so warm and delightful, they'll love that cape. I may even need one for myself.