Whoa. My. Goodness. So I had been hearing quite the buzz about a podcast. It seemed like everyone was talking about it. About two years ago, I would ride the subway and every girl (and some guys) would be reading Gone Girl. Now it’s like everyone is listening to Serial.

Okay, let me back up in case you don’t know what Serial is yet! From the website:

Serial is a podcast where we unfold one nonfiction story, week by week, over the course of a season. We’ll stay with each story for as long as it takes to get to the bottom of it. We’ll release new episodes every Thursday morning. Listeners can subscribe for free to the Serial podcast on iTunes and other audio platforms, and can also listen here on this site. Serial, like This American Life, is a production of WBEZ Chicago, which also produces these podcasts.

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In Season One, which is happening right now, Sarah Koenig (the host of Serial) is trying to get to the bottom of a murder that happened in 1999. A young man went to prison, but a ton of questions remain about the case. Sarah conducts interviews, shares sound bites and pieces of information from the trial, and walks the listener through her own investigation.

The first episode is kind of slow as it focuses on the background and doing initial introductions to each of the characters. By the end of the first episode, I was really hooked though. I have since listened to every one that’s been released so far! I can’t get enough.

The podcast has a very unique feel to it. It’s a mixture of traditional radio, television drama, and a news special. I really love the way the producers set the different episodes up… every five minutes I change my mind about who did it.

One thought on listening versus watching. As Maxie tweeted the other day, “Where do you look when listening to podcasts? I don’t know what to do with my eyes! #help #embarassingproblems #Serial” I think you have to be doing something, but that something has to be mindless. I’ve loved listening to the podcast while I’m walking and riding the subway. I listened to it while I cooked and baked and folded laundry this weekend. It’s also great to listen to while I’m editing photos or Photoshopping graphics for posts.

Definitely download Serial!!! Let me know if you’ve become obsessed as well!

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Jenny Padilla

I've been SO obsessed with Serial! When I listen to podcasts, I'm either driving, doing the dishes, cooking…something that doesn't require a great deal of attention (although driving does require a LOT of attention, but anyway…). It's a great story & I'm excited to see how it folds out 🙂

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A Peachy Sonder

I haven't heard of that one, seems like a good one to try! I drive a lot for work so this could be a nice option for some of my longer rides! Thanks for sharing!

Danielle S.

I think I'm the only person on the internet who hasn't been sucked in by Serial. I just don't think it's that interesting, and I think Koening is trying too hard to play detective when she clearly isn't one.

I agree with you on how/when to listen to podcasts, though. I like to listen to them when I'm at work doing menial tasks or when I have a long drive.


I listen when I'm driving! I usually listen to audio books because the drive is sooo long, but I thought I'd give Serial a try and my Thursday drive home is quickly becoming my favorite!! Last week was the first week I though A might really be guilty….

Audrey Lin

I first heard about Serial from A Cup of Jo and it's great! It's like a TV show that you don't have to open your eyes for! In response to Maxie's tweet, I'd say that the perfect thing to do while listening to Serial would be to lie in bed and rest your eyes! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


I'm not a big fan. I was born and raised in Baltimore and it's upsetting to see that the only shows that take place here are crime ones. When people find out I'm from Baltimore the first thing they do is ask if it's anything like The Wire. Yes it was fairly accurate but that's not all there is to Baltimore.


Listening to this sounds like a great way to pass the time while sitting in traffic/commuting! Thanks for sharing!!


Heather Boone Johnson

I LOVE Serial (and This American Life!) I work for a nonprofit and spend a lot of time traveling to neighboring counties, and podcasts like this are great for my long drives. I also recommend Stuff You Missed in History Class from How Stuff Works, if you are a big history nerd like myself!
Thanks for the great post! and Happy Listening!

Hannah K.

I'm beyond addicted to Serial, it's my go to for when I'm on the subway. The only problem is that I don't want to stop listening when I reach my destination.

Brittany Rosensky

I read this yesterday night and totally binged on them! This podcast is incredible!! I started about 6:30 pm last night and ended around 3 pm today. So addicting!! A bit disappointed that the new episode won't come out til Dec 4th.

Katie Schmidt

I took your recommendation and am loving Serial! Such a great Podcast. It is a nice break from just listening to music all the time. My brain feels more stimulated and used, even when I am driving or sitting around. Thanks!