My obsession with CrewCuts started with little miss Little V. She’s, well, little. Very, very tiny. She has all these super cute dresses from CrewCuts!
I started browsing their site and was so delighted to see that they’ve started carrying a size 14!!! I immediately ordered two adorable skirts. Including this Cupcake skirt:

I’ve been going to the website almost daily to look through the “Looks we Love” feature. It’s great inspiration for what to wear!!!

I love that CrewCuts combines some of the old J. Crew with the new J. Crew. It’s the perfect blend of trendy, classic, preppy, and a little weird. (Remember: there’s nothing wrong with a little weird.)
One of the current Looks We Love:

Hmmm, is it weird that I have a favorite model? Too weird to mention on my blog, publicly? Oh well, she’s too stinkin’ cute to not mention.

Precious, right?
Even if you can’t fit into the kids clothes, or don’t have a child to buy them for, it’s still a good resource for outfit inspiration! And a lot of the outfits are things you already have in your closet, but just have never experimented to put them together!!!

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Clare Lennon

I love this! I honestly like their spreads and modeling better than most of the adult stuff lately! I can only handle so many loose gray cardigans!


I love crewcuts! I always buy the leggings in the Girls section at Target because they are only $5 and nice and durable!


I always buy hair accessories from crewcuts! They're so much brighter. I have a set of polka-dot hair clips that I wear all the time!


I wish there was a JCrew that carried the Crew Cuts line near me- I am digging it more than the new women's stuff of the last few years… I'm just not sure about how the size 14 will fit and it stinks to have to order it all just to send it back. I LOVE the argyle paired with the bright skirts and the knee socks though!


i would love to fit into some of these little pieces, sadly at 5'9" i don't see that happening. luckily we have some really good family friends with two little girls 🙂