I might as well move to London

Jack Wills is my new internet obsession. Everything is just so cute to look at.
What’s great, is they have fabulous features on the website. It’s super interactive. There is a great community section of it. And some articles of clothing have videos of a model walking in the outfit so you can really picture yourself in it.
I’m currently looking at

I’m dying for new WARM pajamas. My current flannel bottoms have been washed so many times that they’re not warm anymore!
Another great part about the site is the “Get the Look” section!
Check it out!

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I could totally see you doing a semester in London – it was one of the happiest times in my life!
You mentioned your friend was studying in Ireland, what part? You should def take advantage of that and go for a visit! HTen you could just hop right over to London for a day or two!

Little V

they have this store in nantucket (which really shouldn't be allowed because it is a chain!). they have a few key items, but sometimes it felt like i was in the A&F of england…


they have stores in uber preppy places in the states, but little v is right, it is basically abercrombie and fitch with a british pricetag. BUT–their PJs are super comfy, I have to admit. If you do want to order something, their sizes are really small so make sure to order a size up!


I grew up in England and the general feeling amongst my friends is that whilst Jack Wills does make some wonderfully cute clothes, sometimes the price tag is just not worth it. I am usually quite willing to pay more for better quality but I'm not really prepared to pay 98 pounds (approx. $147) for a gilet, however cute. Especially when I know where to get one that is just as sweet, just as good quality and not nearly so expensive.
Jack Wills is a great if you want to treat yourself but otherwise it's not always where you want to shop.

I mean, surely almost $90 is a little excessive for a pair of sweatpants in anybody's book?!

(Really sorry if I accidentally submitted this twice. Something went wrong the first time I tried!)


I have been OBSESSING over Jack Wills ever since I visited their store in Nantucket this past summer! LOVE IT. And the employees were all hot British guys! Even better!


There is a very similar dress at Ann Taylor Loft, that you might want to check out, and I am positive that the price tag will be much better!