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I have been diligently working on sorting through what’s in my closet and pulling out clothes I haven’t worn. I did a bigger clean out last month but definitely didn’t make as big of a dent as I was hoping. Now I’ve been flipping through my hangers and my dresser and pulling out one or two things a couple of times a week. It’s kind of tedious and it’s not a fast process by any means. But I’ve still made progress! And every day I find something that somehow got overlooked the day before. The best part though is that this is forcing me to see everything in my closet frequently. I’ve been rediscovering old favorites, coming up with new combinations, and noticing where I might be missing a staple or two.
Add in the decently warmer weather this weekend (50 degrees!) and I’m eyeing a few new pieces for spring. (Not sure if that’s the point of cleaning out my closet… whoops.)
* I have this in two colors already; if you order, I definitely recommend sizing up!

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Lauralee Chambers

I know you are the prepster but so many of us cannot afford these brands. I could never spend 100.00 on a sweater, bag, shoes, or pjs. Is there a way you could include more items that the average person could afford? Thanks.


Totally hear you on this! Almost everything in this roundup is under $100, which for my average reader is affordable. (The wallet, bow back sweater, and bathing suits being the exceptions.)

I like to recommend that if you can't afford a particular brand or piece that you use it as inspiration while searching for something comparable within your budget.


I am in love with the bow back sweater, but so bummed to see it won't be restocked in my size till April! Too long tok wait for something so cute 🙁