Current Most Used Apps

I spend an absurd amount of time on my phone. It actually sickens me whenever I get the notification on Sunday morning sharing how much screen time I utilized throughout the week. That said… not all of my phone use is mindless scrolling. Most of my Instagram use is actually just from responding to DMs. And I consider my phone a tool for work and a way to enhance my daily life. Everything in moderation, right?!

It’s been a while since I shared apps, but here’s what I’ve been using the most lately (beyond, like, Instagram):

Most Used Apps


I listen to audiobooks throughout the day. Maybe I get lucky and get a stretch of time where I can do 30 minutes to an hour of listening (like if I’m driving or walking the dogs or cleaning around the house), but I think most of my listening happens in 10 minute increments. I’m constantly finding excuses to get in another blip of “reading” (er, listening!). I am always cycling through, Audible, and Libby.

– lets you purchase audiobooks through your favorite independent bookseller. I’ve become quite obsessed with supporting independent booksellers as best I can (🙌🏻) and this is a no-brainer.

– Audible is owned by Amazon and I still have a membership with them because some of the books I listen to are Audible originals. I recently listened to Dreamland and You Should Talk to Someone, both originals that I thoroughly enjoyed.

– Libby is BRILLIANT. You input your library card number and, BOOM, you have access to your library’s collection of audiobooks (and e-books if you’re into that!). You can place holds on books or search via what’s available. I always check my Libby app first to see if my library has the book I want to listen to before purchasing it from Audible or


I’m highly obsessed with Headspace and can’t recommend it enough to everyone. Literally. Everyone. I feel so strongly that people should be meditating and Headspace makes it so simple. I was super intimidated by meditating, largely because I didn’t understand how to do it and Headspace demystified it for me. I credit Headspace for being the #1 thing that has helped me manage my intense anxiety and, quite literally, changing my life. I use Headspace at least once a day, often two or three, and I’ve been at it for well over 1,000 days at this point.


Practicing my French is now part of my morning routine. I use Duolingo and do it every single morning (for over 400 days in a row). I love this app so much because it makes learning a new language pretty easy and fun. I love the lessons and I’m pretty surprised at how much I’ve learned by just doing it for 10-20 minutes a day.


Including this in here because it’s a question I get a lot on Instagram… I use Unfold for my Instagram stories where I want to have white backgrounds and clean, multi-photo frames. I use VSCO and Lightroom to edit my photos. Pretty simple!


Clue is a free app where you can track your periods. It’s super reliable and I love that you can track all kinds of things beyond just your period including how you feel, what your emotions are, and sense of when you’re ovulating. Knowledge is definitely power.


I’ve been using 1 Second Every Day for over two years now. I’ve only missed a couple of days but it’s a really fun way to have a “journal” of sorts. I’m terrible at actually journaling so I like that this grabs one second clips and pieces them together to create a video over time. Even if you don’t want to commit to doing it every day, it could be a fun thing to do for an extended trip or to document a baby’s growth throughout the year!


After getting burned a bit from Apple’s weather app (like being stuck without an umbrella when it started to rain!), I upgraded to Dark Sky and prefer it so much better. It’s not perfect, but it’s so much more accurate than any other weather app I’ve used. And I like to be prepared– the radar is my favorite part.

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Joan Crandall

I love this list. I love your pink bag too… any chance you could please share its details? Thank you! Have a great week!


Probably one of my most used apps lately has been Spicer… I heard about it through Emily Henderson’s blog. You match up with your partner and answer all kinds of “intimiate” questions to see what you both might like. Some of the questions are pretty out there (for me) and we haven’t actually tried a lot from the app, but we have been talking a lot more about what we like/don’t like while I am ususually pretty bad at talking about sexy things. If anything you get a good laugh out of some of the questions when they are absolutely not what either of you would be into 😉

Brittany H

Ooooh, I didn’t know about Libby. I use OverDrive, which is the same idea, but it’s good to know there’s another option out there. Thanks for this! Happy Monday!


Librarian chiming in here… Overdrive is the same as Libby. You will actually want to download the Libby app– it’s made by Overdrive and is the newest version. You can, of course, continue to access the regular Overdrive website from your regular computer, but for app use on your phone or tablet, get Libby!


Check out WTForecast (What The Forecast) if you want to liven up your weather reports. Makes me LOL every damn time.

Today’s forecast where I live:

“Holy shit, the sun it out. It could be some sick practical joke by Mother Nature.”



I remember you recommending the 1-Second app a long, long time ago and I honestly wish I had started it when my son was born in 2018. Butttt I started it right after he turned one last year and it has been the most fun to see how he changes and what we’ve been up to. Totally worth it!


I love 1SE! I don’t take daily videos (not yet anyway, I’m sure I will when I get a dog though) but I love using this app for creating videos of my travels.

There are two ways you can use it when creating projects: timeline mode or freestyle. Timeline is the traditional use of this app and allows you to upload up to 2 clips per day. However, freestyle is my preferred use and it allows you to upload an unlimited amount of clips in any order you like.

During my travels I’ll take short videos (like 5 second clips) of things I’m doing: boarding a flight, taking off/landing, what I’m eating, panoramic videos of places I’ve gone, things I’ve done, you get the idea… And when I come home I have like 50 or more (I’ve had as many as 600!!) very short videos. I use the 1SE app to mash them all together to create quick summaries of my trip that range anywhere from 2 minutes for a quick weekend getaway to see fall colors, all the way up to 10 minutes for an indulgently long 3 week trip to Italy. It has been the best thing ever! Photos are wonderful, but being able to watch a video of where I’ve been really takes me back to those moments in a way photos never could!

I love this app and I’m glad you’re enjoying it too! Thanks for sharing your favorite apps!


Your words really spoke to me this morning Carly! I also often get in the anxiety of “preparing for the unknown” and it can be debilitating. Thank you for sharing your perspective and journey through the anxieties of money!


Just downloaded Libby! Is there a way to play the audiobooks from Alexa or Sonos? Wanting to listen while I am cooking or cleaning and can’t figure out how to play without my phone! Thanks!

Dani Kennedy

@Ellie, I read my books on my Kindle (or on the kindle app on my phone). I can ask Alexa to “Read ‘Gone with the Wind’ from my Kindle,” and she picks up right where I left off. Once I have her started on a book, I only have to say, “Continue reading,” and she will. Caveat: It is in the semi-robotic Alexa voice.
Additional hint: If you open the Alexa app on your phone, click the Alexa button in the center across the bottom. Then use the same voice commands I mentioned above and your phone will read it to you. I frequently do that in the car.
I use Libby to download Kindle books for free to my Kindle. I usually read them, but for those times when I can’t read, it is great to have the read aloud option.


I’ve been using Clue for years! Such a great app!

Libby is also a favorite of mine! Our library also offers the app “hoopla”, which is another good resource for free ebooks from your library 🙂


Great post! Can you share details of the pink bag? It’s so cute and great for Spring!