Supergoop Glowscreen Is WORTH IT

I’ve been experimenting with more beauty products lately– and loving it to be honest. I’ve been leaning more towards products that help my skin look its best so I can wear less, if any, makeup on everyday basis. I still do a “full” makeup day when I’m shooting photos (i.e. twice a week), but otherwise I’m going super simple with the makeup. Because I LIKE my skin right now, I want it to shine through.

New Jersey blogger Carly Heitlinger wearing Supergoop's Glowscreen while in her car.

I got a press package from Supergoop the other week and was pumped to try the new Supergoop Glowscreen. I’m not even really in the beauty industry at all and I had already heard so much hype about it. Let me be the first non-guru to tell you: it is 100% worth it.

It’s designed to be a sunscreen primer to wear under makeup and it gives skin an incredible glow. However, I’ve been using it mostly on its own because I think it just makes my skin, well, glow. The photo above is unfiltered– I was just sitting in my car with amazing light thinking, “I can’t believe this is my skin.”

Supergoop Glowscreen really seemed to give my skin an extra-even appearance, like I had responsibly tanned on a vacation (without, of course, the harmful effects of the sun!) and like I dusted myself with a little bit of highlighter. If you’re looking for something that has SPF and is between bare-faced and a tinted moisturizer, I think you’ll love it!! It was exactly what I was looking for to go without makeup more frequently while still feeling my very best!!

10/10 would recommend and 100% worth the hype!

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Sarah Sliva

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been using TNS Serum which is also – IMO – worth the hype… though the price tag is hefty. Will have to look into this.

Brigid Devney-Rye

Wow! I’ve been really trying to use sunscreens these days and that sounds like a great product. Your skin (and you) are beautiful.


Awesome! Just ordered it yesterday, even more excited to get it in the mail now 🙂

Ali Koch

This looks so good! I’m curious if you’ve tried Drunk Elephant’s tinted moisturizer, and if so, how does it compare? They’re both around the same price so trying to figure out which one to purchase. I’ve tried the DE one, and it’s non-scented but smells a little plasticy/medicinal, how does the glowscreen smell?


What do you think of the smell of the glowscreen? I have the Supergoop Daily Moisturizer, and I definitely smell the “sunscreeny” smell of the active ingredients.


It doesn’t bother me at all actually but I think it’s because I wear sunscreen pretty much every day I’m used to it.


I loveee Supergoop, but it’s SO expensive! Your skin looks gorgeous though 🙂


That glow tho!! I am not sure of what your skin type is, but would you say it is OK for combo/oily skin? I don’t want to look too glowy, lol! 🙂


So it gives a LOT of glow but if you tap a little bit of powder over it brings it down a notch, especially on the spots where you get the most shine