The subway system shut down last night at 7pm. While the weather is currently not that bad, it’s expected to grow worse over the course of this afternoon, through the night, and into tomorrow. Hurricanes in Manhattan are quite different than Florida, I’m learning. For starters, it’s chilly! And much darker. And a lot more panic.
Anyway, the Levo League team is working from home today. I’m sitting at my new desk, with the heat on, and the windows cracked. (I like the sound of the wind!)
Eating | Stove popped popcorn
Listening | Mumford & Sons
Snuggling | Cable crewneck
Hope everyone is staying safe during the hurricane!
PS Check out this Levo League article with things to do when you’re stuck inside!

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Stay safe! I'm in Florida right now and its so weird to be on the calm side of things. Its a little windy but other than that we're just praying for you East coasters!


I'm doing the same thing, watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and eating Chinese food! Looks like I'll be doing the same thing tomorrow too =/ This storm better clear up by Halloween!


Rachel Cantrell

How strange not being aftected by the hurricane! Originally from Houston, I feel like I should be hunkering down for some rain! Hoping y'all stay safe and sound! Happy snugglin' 🙂


Being from SoFla and used to having hurricane parties/playing football in the streets during some of them, it just seems like New Yorkers SO panicked – and the news, they're eating it up. (half my family is from NY so I get to see that side of it)

also, what can be better than Mumford & Sons on a day like this?