Russell + Hazel | SmartDate System

I’ve loved Russel + Hazel for a long time now. One of the Tuckernuck founders actually shared the website with me just about two years ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since.
From time to time I’ve stumbled on their products in person and I’ve always been in awe. I think their products are super amazing and just plain pretty. It’s apparent that I have a serious problem when it comes to paper products, school supplies, and anything related to organization
During my third– and final– trip to The Container Store, I was going back and forth between two aisles comparing a couple of organizers… and I saw these mini-binders. I realized they were Russel + Hazel and I went to investigate some more.
They’re perfect.
It’s called the “SmartDate System” and it’s totally customizable. One of my biggest issues with planners/agendas is that I typically like 90% and the other 10% I could do without. Either the dates don’t start at the right time (needing academic calendars vs. yearly) or a huge chunk of space is wasted on places to store addresses/phone numbers or they’re not study enough or the holiday dates are ridiculously over-thorough or whatever. There is nearly always an element (or two or three) that I could do without or would like to change in some way.
So when I saw that you can actually build your own agenda in this cute little notebook, I was sold.
I also got mini rubber bands that you can use to hold the binder shut. I love that they can be used in a ton of different ways. The zebras are just too cute though.
While there are many options for what kinds of inserts you can include, I went with the:

Monthly Calendar | The calendar has tabs for each month and included 18 months between 2012 and 2013. What I really like about this is that since it’s a binder, I could easily include the months I wanted and discard (or save for later) other months. Plus… I’ll be able to add the next year as it comes.

Weekly Planner Sheets | I think these are perfect for planning the week out. I also love how the opposite side has space for notes. If you need more space than this, you could get the Daily sheets or sticky notes!
Grid Paper | I can’t help myself… I am a doodler. I take abstract notes, draw a bit, and generally make a mess. Love having a space to do it!
Has anyone else tried the Russelll + Hazel SmartDate System? What do you think? What kinds of sections would you include in yours?

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Katy Z

Holy moly these are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
Also, stay safe from mean Sandy! Hope you got a nice stock of skittles 😉


I love the customize that would be the perfect daily planner/notebook ever. I like having everything in one binder rather than having multiple notebooks, binders, or planners.

I will check it out. Grad gift hopefully for me.



I've been a Russel + Hazel Smart Date fan for a while, my mini goes everywhere with me! One thing that drove me crazy at first was that I tend to move things around on my calendar but hated messing up the pretty pages with scratch outs, then I saw a tip on pinterest to use cute washi tape that you can write on and peel off if something changes. I color code mine, naturally. Here's my inspiration:


I can't wait until The Container Store opens in Tampa. I have a feeling I'll be there often too! Your desk looks so cute 🙂


I spilled coffee all over my Lilly planner last week and wanted to cry. I had read this back in October so I went back and looked it up and placed an order online. My new Russell & Hazel stuff should be here today and I'm pretty excited to try it out!

Courtney Elizabeth

SO glad I stumbled upon this. I was seconds away from hitting BUY on a set of Circa items, but I was hesitant about all the don't-wants I was getting. This system looks perfect!!