Organize, Please… Desks (again)

I’ve mentioned this before, but I seem to keep coming back to it because I’m still wondering what I was thinking. I truly thought that I wouldn’t need a desk in my new apartment. I was obviously trying to be conscience about the space available to me, but the kitchen table seriously doesn’t cut it!
My new desk makes me so happy!
I like having an actual space to work. And even though the nook in my bedroom where my desk is is super small, the desk really has plenty of space. I can easily have my laptop or iPad on it and still have tons of space to do some writing (actual pen + paper writing) plus space to store some pretties on the desktop.
The desk has been sitting in my room very bare for a little bit and since I was away in Ohio and Boston last week I hadn’t had time to deal with it. Finally, I had a chance to spend a few hours searching for cute desktop organizers.
I went to…. The Container Store, Barnes and Noble, Staples, The Container Store (again), Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples (again), West Elm,  Staples (again) ,and The Container Store (again). Seriously it was quite the adventure.
I could have saved myself a lot of trips because I ended up going with things from The Container Store.
I just love this picture because it really shows how much of a nook the nook is! Eep! Sooooo cute!

I was originally going to go with white accessories, but when I saw them in person they were a little bit too bulky. They’d totally work on a normal sized desk though! I went with acrylic pieces from The Container Store. (Side note: I’m obsessed with The Container Store, but it’s super dangerous for me! I spent, like, three hours in there.)
I actually love the acrylic because it shows off all the fun things I want to keep on my desk. They simply blend in versus being the standout pieces.

I used the Letter Sorter as stationery storage. I’ve been going through stationery at an alarming rate with random correspondance and buckets of thank you notes.

The acrylic monogrammed pencil cup is from Design Darling. Mackenzie surprised me with it and I knew it would be the perfect addition to my desk!
I love the business card holder too. I have no idea if I’ll keep my actual business cards there or not though. They look cute, right? But it’s not super practical. I might have different cards printed from with either inspirational phrases (you can print up to 50 different designs in one batch) or plain white cards for little notes/reminders.
I also got the magazine file because I wanted someplace to store papers and notebooks. There were tons of cute little boxes and drawer systems, but I needed to converse desktop space, so I went vertical. I have a folder with files I need to access regularly, legal pads (the best), loose leaf, and various notebooks.

Additionally, I had to come up with some sort of filing system. My old one consisted of a cluttered drawer in my living room. I picked up the acrylic desktop file as a solution. It’s a fantastic little box. I used regular file folders (because they came in cute colors), but the box is really for the hanging kind. It works either way! I’m currently keeping it under my desk. Just out of the way where I can’t see it, but easily within reach should I need to file or retrieve something.
I used different colored folders for the various aspects of my life. So far it’s a great system.
Grey = Apartment
Green = Personal
Pink = TCP
Blue = available for whatever 🙂

I can’t even begin to describe how HAPPY (and relieved) I feel about having everything in one, neat, and organized place. It’s such a little thing.
What does your desk look like?
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oh it looks so good! love the acrylic organizers 🙂 my desk is organized, but i don't LOVE it. my textbooks take up so much space & i don't have a great way of storing them.

Bailey Humphrey

This is too cute! I love your organize please posts and all the cute accessories you have! I have an acrylic pencil/pen holder but i actually found mine at staples a long time ago. It is packed full of pens, pencils and markers I don't even need! Glad your search is over! 🙂


Those clear acrylic organizers are just perfect!
I wish I could have them all!
Here where I live we have no options lol well it's beter than 20 years ago but I really doubt I could find all that collection. Yesterday I could not even find a legal pad (really usefull thanks for that idea, it saved my life). I've been using some my mom gave me but I need to find some new ones.

This ones is what i need right now for under my desk to sort white papers (for the printer and such)

Love this tips Carly please keep doing this kind of posts!

Katies Bliss

Love your little desk nook! My apt is so small I can't even fit a desk 🙁 But I totally feel the same as you about the Container Store! It seriously has the best organizational items!


I currently don't have a desk so it's under constructions lol. Your desk is so cute and very well organized!!I love the container store! I wish there was one in Michigan. I think I wold go broke though if there was one here.Where is the pink legal notepad from? I love it!


sara with an h

um..I ADORE your wallpaper!! i've been searching high and low for a stencil to make the moroccan pattern and here you are with a simpler solution!! I'm totally with you, my apt is small so I need to make the most of my nooks, and my kitchen table isn't cutting it either! Love, love, love your set up!


I love your desk! It's so organized and cute. Thanks for posting this, now I know where to find desk stuff for myself. 🙂 I currently don't have anything to put my stuff in, so my desk pretty much only has room for my laptop LOL, and then I got papers and folders just stacked everywhere.