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My good friend Kearsley has been introduced on my blog before as the owner and creative mind behind Tipsy Skipper. But I’m even more excited to share her most recent endeavor: custom monograms through Kearsley Lloyd Designs.
Kearsley is incredibly talented and I love what she’s decided to do with her talent. The custom monograms she creates are so personal and can be used in a million different ways. The process might be my favorite. She sketches and then watercolors each monogram by hand. From there she creates digital renderings of the monogram that can be used for anything. Weddings, iPhone cases, embroidery on Tipsy Skipper bags, personal stationery, birthday parties, company branding…. etc. (Think of the cute logos she could do for blogs!)
She made a monogram for me and when I opened the PDF with the samples I nearly died. She picked a photo of me from my blog and used that as inspiration for the creation of the monogram. 
Above are the sketches she started with! And below is the final watercolored monogram. How perfect?!?!

I just love how she takes the watercolor and turns it into a digital file that can be used anywhere. Here are some samples of things I can then do with the monogram:

(That’s a Tipsy Skipper clutch!)

A full wedding suite with a couples’ custom monogram. Love how the each piece has the same monogram, but still different!

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How cute! These are adorable and look so unique 🙂 I will definitely have to check them out