I have to give credit where credit is due… Garrett sent me a link to Huxter a few months ago and introduced me to the company. I sent them an email because I loved what I was seeing and couldn’t wait to see more. They’re everything a good company can be: made in America, dedicated to creating functional and adorable products, and the owners are super friendly.
They sent Garrett and me shirts to wear to the beach for Memorial Day and I have to say, they’re the perfect beach shirt. Garrett and I both burn easily so it’s nice to throw on a top that keeps the sun off, but still feels beachy! It’s gauzy, but also substantial with two layers. 
The contrasting inside is so cute with the polka dots!
Photos by Howie Guja… How amazing is he? You have to check out his Instagram!

On Garrett: Huxter Popover (c/o) // Harding Lane Hat // Ray Ban Wayfarers // Bonobos Shorts

On me: Huxter Button Up (c/o) // Club Monaco Hat // Chino Shorts // Ray Ban Sunglasses

Huxter also just opened up a boutique in Watch Hill, Rhode Island! Garrett and I are absolutely going to make a trip up there this summer to visit them in person. 


PS More photos from our weekend!

PPS Huge thank you to Huxter for the shirts and Howie for the photos (and the amazing weekend)!

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Audrey Lin

You two are so adorable!! And it's really cute how he introduced a fashion brand to you; you'd think it'd be the other way around! Anyways, love the shirts & I'm definitely going to check out Huxter! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


Omg!! Love everything about this post. You two are absolutely adorable. Agreeing with Courtney Layne Brewer on this one. Life goal: Garret and Carly's ADORABLE relationship.

xox- Abigail


I know this post is about the clothes but omg you guys are so precious! 🙂



You two are just adorable! I'm so happy for you and these beautiful photos will be full of wonderful memories down the road!

indian sundance

So much for keeping your relationships "private" and "offline" – maybe you should take notes from your friend Mac on that. P.S. PDA is not preppy.

Sylvia Dennis

I never really reply to stupid comments but she chooses to share her life (not all) and I don't see how it is any of your business… she is allowed to share her relationship and her happiness … if you have nothing better than leaving comments like this then stop reading maybe …

Ali Henriques

Don't mind the naysayers, Carly, this is absolutely adorable. I love it! The shirts are really cute and you guys are too. Also, I think it's cute how your hat is semi-blocking that one shot haha it's pretty perfect 🙂
(I know you said you generally end up seeing the one negative comment in the sea of positive ones, but I'm trying this anyway because I thought it was worth a try… don't let 'em get you down!)


Too sweet 🙂 I love the shirts! I burn easily too, especially on my shoulders, so it would be perfect for me!


LOVE LOVE LOVE these shirts! Any chance you could get us a College Prepster specific promo code?