Cute Backpacks

When I graduated college, I was very committed to getting rid of my backpack. Because I was constantly running around campus with multiple laptops and stacks of textbooks, I needed a backpack to keep my back from killing me all night long.
So I switched to totes to bring everything (much lighter load!) to work every morning…
But these backpacks are super cute. And perfect for summer adventures. I tend to leave my apartment early-ish in the morning and then pop up and downtown all day long on the weekends.
Throwing everything into a backpack (wallet, book, water bottles, umbrella, etc.) and then just going!
I love both of these:
What do you think of these casual backpacks?

PS I can’t help but think of Cher from Clueless a bit! 
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Erin Kerr

I have adored the Transport Backpack for months! I desperately wanted it, until I saw it in person. The little nail heads would very quickly stretch out the leather piece, making the two flaps essentially useless. Otherwise, it's great quality. But for a summer studying in London and then school in the fall, it's just not practical.

Sarah Morris

This is too funny.

I was just saying to myself on my commute this morning that I wish I had a stylish backpack because on some busy Metro morning and afternoons, people like to bump into your ("structured" bag) and it can get kind of annoying. So maybe a backpack will help some days! Thanks for these suggestions!

Jackie M

I have the longchamp backpack, LOVE it for trips since it folds nicely on the travel day.


p.s. what do you use to edit your photos on your mac?


that madewell bag is… not worth it. it looks like cheap leather in that photo, plus it's imported and so expensive… at least the llbean version, which is also imported and expensive, could be returned if anything ever happened to it. no way madewell would ever do the same. but more importantly you can find really similar leather backpacks on etsy, handmade and for much cheaper… like: http://www.etsy.com/listing/111467725/leather-backpack-school-backpack-in?


Ah, I'm glad you mentioned Cher! My immediate thought was, "The 90s are having a revival!" Definitely some cute options. I don't know if I'm brave enough to return to the accessories of my childhood, having barely entered the adult world! If you are, more power to you!

Lemon Smiles

I'm not keen on these – a bit too 80s-90s for me. Also since I'm paranoid about being pick-pocketed these would be a big no-no on a packed tube in London…

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