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So this is honestly one of the funniest things on the internet right now. Have you seen Tiffany Beveridge’s Pinterest board called “My Imaginary Well-dressed Toddler Daughter“? I immediately followed the board and have been laughing along ever since. (It’s also really fun to read the captions out loud with friends. Seriously. Try it.)
Well… this one seriously cracked me up:
I mean honestly, this is funny stuff.
But then I was thinking about how, yes it’s a little ridiculous, but has some truth for me at least.
After getting dressed up for work every day, the weekends for me (or days off… or days where I’m working from my apartment) are so for comfortable and simple clothes. I do like prints and patterns (hello stripes. hello polka dots.). However, when it comes to running errands or sweet coffee dates or extra-long brunches, I grab the most worn-in shirt I can find and my favorite jeans.
I pulled together some simple outfits. Light colors. Comfortable shirts. Easy to wear. Plus, there is something oh-so-chic about wearing something oh-so-basic.
Oh how I’d love to just jaunt around in one of these neutral, simple outfits! What’s your go-to simple outfit?

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I absolutely love the striped popover! I just bought it, and it is the most comfortable shirt! I was actually planning on wearing it with my white toothpick jeans and bone jack rogers! Love it!

H. Thiers

For my go to simple outfit, I usually wear a really light cotton dress with my Jack Rogers or I wear some jeans rolled up in cuffs with a J.Crew popover and my Jack rogers! I absolutely love the last outfit you created!



i have been loving that pinterest board! and i love those outfits. it's nice to be able to wear something so effortlessly chic.