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Now that I’m a dog-owner, I’m really obsessed with dogs. It’s a bit disturbing and I honestly worry about how I will be as an actual mom. To human. Because I am in love with Teddy!!
I’ve been getting sucked into all sorts of hilarious and adorable and sweet videos of puppies and dogs on the internet. It’s a borderline problem right now, but I don’t really mind!! Watching a minute long video of a cute dog can brighten my mood in a major way. Dogs have big personalities and even bigger hearts. It’s pretty awesome.

Teddy kills me. He’s cracks me up with his funny little personality. (Look at that tongue! I die!!!)

Have you watched any cute dog videos recently? Please do pass them along!

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These just made me laugh at my desk hysterically!! Thanks for making my day better, I definitely needed it. You should watch the narcoleptic puppy videos because those are my favorite! They get SO happy they just fall asleep. Can you get much cuter than that?

Annie Belle