Gingham Shirtdress

This is the gingham shirtdress I needed to have a few weeks ago after spotting it on a stranger outside of Grand Central Station. Unfortunately, it sold out pretty quickly (although it’s available in some colors/sizes still), but I did hunt around the internet to find some other fabulous gingham options… just in time to finish out the summer season strong.
Side note: IT IS STILL SUMMER. Do you hear that retailers?! Do not force fall clothing on me just yet… I’m still thawing out from the winter.
I love all kinds of lengths when it comes to hemlines on skirts and dresses. This dress is a bit longer than I normally would pull for myself, but I’m totally into the classic silhouette– and the tie at the waist is flattering. Modest, not frumpy!
I’ve worn the dress a handful of times already, but notably wore it when I was on a panel for a conference in the city. I have a whole strategy around figuring out what to wear when I speak or have to be on some sort of stage. Length of dress is the most important factor. Seriously, nothing worse than being on a stage and sitting down only to have your hemline ride up… I don’t want to deal with worrying about how much leg (or more) can be seen. A full, long skirt rests perfectly when seated. And print and color are both important as well… because I totally start to sweat on stage. I’m not the biggest sweater normally, but hand me a microphone and I’m a sweaty mess. (TMI?) For me, darker prints help hide the fact that I’m more or less a puddle, Alex Mack style. 
And shall we talk about the handbag? I love the girls at Cinco Powell and I also love their products. (Remember this monogrammed tote?! It’s on sale now!) The newest handbag has officially made its way into my handbag repertoire. Wear it with or without the monogram tag, or switch the tag out for a different color depending on your outfit… and the straps can be worn long for a crossbody or looped short (like I have it in the photos).
Shop more gingham styles below:

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Wow love the bold pattern on this dress!! Such a statement piece. I really love the green one on the site. Black and white has definitely been my go to this summer because it is so versatile 🙂 Also, I am loving those shoes!

Annie Belle


Love the dress! As much as I agree with you about not being ready for fall, fall fashion is my favorite! I love how this dress could easily transition into fall too 🙂
xo, Scarlett
The Trendy Chick

Samantha Kay

You look fabulous in this. I feel like I cannot rock the shirt dress, maybe it's all about the cut though. Any tips for petite busty girls to rock this look?



You said the "f" word! ha just kidding 😉 I was actually thinking about how well the dress would transition into fall with the right shoes!

alaina shea

It is still summer!! I work at the Gap and we just put out baby COATS- not jackets, like puffy coats! It's still July!!
On another note, love all of the gingham! 🙂

Tara Louise

absolutely love that dress! it's so classic and chic… you look like you should be a hitchcock heroine!

Gigi @ Dolce and Gabriella

That's such a pretty silhouette. And I agree about the skirt length, not just for speaking but for any event where you have to sit down and be looked at by other people–nothing worse than having your skirt ride reeeally far up your calves as you cross your legs to try and prevent people from seeing your underwear. Not fun.

Love, Gigi
Dolce and Gabriella

Ellen Borza

I have mixed feelings about fall coming back, but I would love temps in the 70s. I just received my Bean boots and ordered the herringbone puffer vest from J. Crew…and it's July!

Love the gingham dress! So cute on you.

Ellen | A Pop of Pink


Kind of random – love this dress and can’t find it anywhere! Touching base to see if you’ve lost love for it and are looking to part ways?