Cute Etsy Finds

I have to be careful going onto Etsy… I find that it’s like a blackhole where I just go deeper and deeper finding all sorts of things I may or may not actually need. Here are some cute things I’ve recently found that I just had to share!
My friend Amanda has a super cute print shop and she also carries super fun pencil sets. (They’ve been featured so many places; I love spotting them while reading my favorite magazines and websites!) Her fall pencil set is literally the cutest. How perfect would they be for little gifts for a Friendsgiving or as a hostess gift for actual Thanksgiving?
How absolutely adorable is this card? An illustrated fox in a Barbour jacket!!!
This cosmetic case could be used for makeup, pencils & pens, traveling, receipts, a clutch or a wallet…. the uses seem endless!
Are these brass pineapples gorgeous or what? You can pop a candle in between the leaves and store a few things inside. They’d make a great accessory on a desk or as a centerpiece for a dining table.

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Tara Gragg

These are indeed cute finds…however, I find it a little distasteful to use Rstyle links for Etsy products. Etsy makers spend hours crafting their wares, and trying to piggyback off of their profits seems unnecessary–there's nothing wrong with you simply appreciating and showcasing these artists without trying to make a dime.