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Cute Gift Wrapping

I’ve been buying gifts up a storm lately. I always factor in extra wiggle room in the budget department because I have a tendency to go overboard in the gift department. I’d SO much rather give a gift than receive… it’s too much fun finding the perfect things.
(Family, do not click! I bought my sister this for her birthday, this for fun, and this for Christmas. I bought my mom this and this for Christmas. And I bought my dad this with a few extra gadgets and accessories that I know he’ll use/love.)
I also really take pride in wrapping gifts. Again, I’ve turned into my mother. She’s the real queen of gift wrap. I love a good sheet of wrapping paper tailored to the recipient, but there’s really nothing better than simple kraft paper. I mean, there’s a song about “brown paper packages” after all!

Then it’s just a matter of adding the perfect accessories to dress it up. There are some really cute gift wrapping options out there right now. Here are some of my favorites for dressing up a simple kraft paper-wrapped gift:

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Do you have any gift wrapping secrets?

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Audrey Lin

HAHA that note to your family 😛 I was thinking of making a mini Black Friday haul post, in which I also got presents for my younger brothers, but I was a little paranoid about them finding out what they are. I probably don't have to worry about it, because they would probably rather play video games than read my blog, but you never know. Maybe their friends read my blog (their friends are my friends too haha) and they might tell them :O ANYWAYS, I just wanted to say that a well-wrapped present could be a gift in itself! I have a thing for pretty boxes 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's