This is my second Halloween post in four days! I just can’t help myself. There’s so much to look forward to about fall, especially because I’m not as sick and tired as I was this summer. Every holiday brings new experiences for Jack, and I’m really looking forward to watching him get all dressed up and run up to houses for candy.

Even though I LOVE celebrating different holidays as a mom, I still prefer to decorate seasonally. A lot of our neighbors lean into Halloween though and it’s so much fun. Maybe once we leave the baby and toddler stage (and, quite frankly, move into house with more storage) I’ll start incorporating some cute Halloween decor!

Cute Halloween Decor

cute halloween decor from anthropologie, pottery barn, chappywrap, mackenzie-childs, target, and williams sonoma

Pumpkin Bowl // Rattan Bat

Pumpkin Candle // Trick or Treat Doormat // Pumpkin Napkin Rings // Plaid Blanket

Pumpkin Pillow // Checked Pumpkin // Marble Coasters // Marble Cheese Board

Remember the (sold out) juice glasses I posted on Instagram with the darling icon beads embedded?! This serving bowl gives you the same look. It’d be perfect for passing out candy on Halloween…. and for popcorn while watching Hocus Pocus. I adore rattan in any form, and this bat is, dare I say, kind of chic?

A little perk of working from home– and now from my office!– is being able to light a candle whenever I need a pick-me-up. This pumpkin candle is as delicious as it gets and makes every space 10x cozier. I keep our fall porch decor pretty simple with just pumpkins and mums, but I do think that this doormat is all kinds of fun! I don’t put together as many tablescapes as I’d like to, but I think these pumpkin napkin rings  make for the perfect fall table decor. Of course I had to include a ChappyWrap! We’re always cozying under them, especially in the colder months, and the pretty orange feels reminiscent of Halloween but not at all literal.

Roam the aisles of Target and I’m sure you’ll find tons of cute Halloween decor, like this throw pillow. The subtle stripes and embroidery are a darling combination! I know a couple people who are into Mackenzie-Childs, and while I don’t plan on becoming a collector, I do think this checked pumpkin is adorable– and the quality is supposed to be fantastic. Leaning into a more magical and celestial aesthetic for the last two: these coasters and this cheese board. Absolutely delightful!


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How were your remodeling choices impacted by having a desire to create special moments through decorating for the season? The colors you went with don’t really lend themselves to the big decorating holidays, such as Halloween and the winter holidays. Do you plan to purchase all new seasonal decor that does match the redesign or just decorate and allow things to clash?

I wasn’t big on decorating until I had kids, but they’re crazy about the different decorations! We have a traditional, Victorian style home but kept our interior coloring fairly neutral to allow for easy adjustments (like when one of your kids barfs all over the couch while sick and it’s just easier to buy a new couch than clean up your old one or an aging dog causes you to need a new rug), but we did take our decorations into account too.


Decorating, especially for Christmas, was one thing I told my designer I wanted to prioritize! We’ll probably mix up our tree a little bit, but I’m excited to see the new spaces all dressed up!

Brindha Dhanabalan

Wow, I’ve always been a fan of decorating for the spooky season, and I must say, the way you’ve incorporated those napkin rings into the theme is absolutely innovative.Can’t wait to see what other creative ideas you have in store in the future. Keep up the great work! Also, do you have any ideas to make a stand-alone post on table decor ideas for Halloween??


I’m not usually one for kitschy seasonal decor but have you seen the skeleton in a bath candle?! It’s amazing and I am obsessed with the little guy haha