I keep going back and forth between feeling like we have so much time for fall activities and then also feeling like we have to everything now because fall will fly by so fast! I also feel like my summer was spent mostly very sick with that first trimester morning sickness. Not that I didn’t have great summer memories, I just don’t feel like I was on my A-game across the board. I really feel like I did the bare minimum just trying to survive and stay afloat while being sick and tired and then also chasing a toddler. I don’t feel like I was the best mom for summer either, again, just in survival mode, I didn’t do all the things I wanted to do.

So I am finding myself putting a lot of pressure on myself to make this fall season even better. Of course, I am trying to temper my expectations because a) life b) I’m still pregnant and c) toddlers. 😉

Even still…. guys…. I am excited for fall in a way that I don’t think I ever have been before. I put together a fun little bucket list for the season to keep realistic goals and also so I don’t forget what I want to do as we get swept into just the hubbub of everyday life.

Here’s what I’m thinking…

I feel like this a realistic bucket list that is fun, but something that won’t feel like a stretch to complete! A few things for me, a few things for the family. All things that excite me! I’m dying to make the pumpkin pancakes from Gilmore Girls and definitely will pick a recipe (maybe two?!) with some of our apple picking bounty! Years ago I read The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living and I’ve been searching for another “perfect” fall book ever since. And I got this crazy idea to throw a Halloween party for Jack’s friends and then reeled myself in because I know realistically I don’t have the time, energy, or bandwidth to do it, but I do think I can pull off a little Halloween treat bag that we can “boo” his friends with.

What’s on your fall bucket list?!

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A treat bag for Jack’s friends will be so fun! But keep that Halloween party idea in the back of your head for the future! I am an introvert, and so not a party throwing person, but I throw a Halloween party every single year that is just so much fun! I have three boys (14,14, 9) and have been doing the party for 8 years. It is the easiest way to have people in your house and backyard and busy. There’s just so much to Do! And so much fun food to make! And easy food to purchase to add in. I love your enthusiasm for this season!


I love your list! My list is very similar — I have a four and 1.5 year old. Last year I made “make your own monster” kits for my daughter’s preschool class — play doh, google eyes, and pipe cleaners in a zip lock, topped with a cute bag topper from Etsy.

Courtney Jenney

I’m currently reading Cider Mill Coven – you have to give it a little try! It’s basically like Halloweentown mixed with Gilmore Girls, mixed with old-school New England autumn vibes.


I know it doesn’t take place in fall for the most part but I saw you were reading Secret History and feel like it’s the perfect fall read!! Maybe because of the dark academia trope?


I too am looking for the perfect Fall read. I’m eyeing Mother Daughter Murder Night. Thanks for the ideas here!

Kate A McCarthy

I read September by Rosamunde Pilcher last fall and it was very cute. I feel like Pilcher is almost the British version of Elin Hilderbrand? I loved reading Winter Solstice by Pilcher around Christmas two years ago as well!

Sydni Jackson

Totally different vibe, but I love reading Ray Bradbury’s October Country in the fall!

We are traveling to Vermont this weekend for a little babymoon – can’t wait to feel chilly and eat everything!