Three Apple Recipes to Try

I’ve always loved picking apples. Being out in the suburbs (and closer to the orchards!) has only made me lean into this season even more. Having a big kitchen island to spread out to bake with all the apples makes it even better.

Apple Picking Baking

This year, I made three different recipes that have been perfect for my bounty. And you could totally skip the orchard and buy straight from the market, too. No judgment here. I have a feeling I’ll be baking even more! If these three are any indicators, things are looking extra sweet around here.


Make Ina Garten’s French Apple Tart and you’ll look like a downright professional bringing this to your next gathering. Tastes like something you might have picked up from a French bakery, too. Even though it looks challenging, it’s not hard at all. (Seriously, do not be intimidated by the recipe/photos! You can do it!) It takes a little time to core and slice the apples, but I just popped on an Audiobook and got to it. The glaze that goes on top (I used rum and apricot jelly) takes the pastry to the next level.


Make these and just trust me on this. These blondies are like apple pie in a cake and the vanilla maple glaze is the perfect finishing touch. I made a small batch for someone who is GF but then everyone else agreed they were by far the best. So, so, so delicious. If you want to skip the traditional pie route, I can’t recommend these enough! My whole house smelled like a pie as they baked in the oven. This was a Pinterest win!!!!


Last weekend, Meghan spent the night and we made this apple crisp together with the apples we picked. This is her favorite apple dessert to make and now I know why. It’s totally a breeze to make. Again, the hardest part is just coring and slicing the apples. It comes together so easily and the end result is delicious. It’s not the prettiest dessert, but just put each serving into a bowl with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and it instantly looks divine!

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Apple Recipes

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Sarah in Vermont

Do you have a device/applicance for coring and this? I cannot recommend one enough! I used to have a cute little red hand-crank one from Williams-Sonoma ( but I’ve recently found a great one that attaches to my Kitchenaid mixer and also doubles as a veggie spiralizer! (,-core-and-slice.ksm1apc.html)


I was going to comment this as well! I love to make apple pies and this has been a game changer! Even if you use it only on occasion, it’s totally worth it.