The Sweater I Can’t Stop Wearing

I know, I know. There’s nothing crazy about this black sweater. In fact, it’s pretty much as basic as it gets! But I can’t stop wearing it. I have lost track of the number of times I’ve reached for it in my closet since I ordered it. I have two black cashmere sweaters (ones more like a tunic and the other is a plain crewneck) and I truly love both, so I’m not quite sure why I’ve been this obsessed with the cable knit. It’s not like I’ve never had a black sweater before!

This outfit is actually almost all new. Usually, I’m good about mixing in what I already own with new purchases. Not this time apparently. 😉 I’m just into everything… and note the green handbag and the green touches on the shoes. As I’ve mentioned, I am currently obsessed with green… especially with black.

J. Crew Black Cable Sweater

I’ve been wearing it slightly more dressed up with darker jeans and cute flats or maybe even a little heel. Though, most frequently, I’ve paired it with these jeans (which I have personally dubbed “the perfect jeans”) and these sneaks. The sneakers feel slightly cooler than I actually am, but I’m just going to run with it, haha.

Neely and Chloe   Carly Heitlinger

Tretorns Green

Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // Similar Bracelet // Headband // Handbag (c/o)

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I love how you always push your tongue through your teeth when you’re smiling – so cute!

Jade Calver

I’ve been looking for a headband in this style that isn’t too big!

I’d love to see some cooler weather looks, I live in Montreal and I already need a coat and boots! Do you have any tall boot looks that you’re liking this year?


I love seeing the handbag styled in a more casual way! I hesitate when thinking of buying an expensive “fancy” bag because I am not sure how to style it on an everyday basis. I have to be able to validate every purchase (cost per wear is my favorite type of math). I will think about this post next time I am browsing.
Thanks Carly!