Cute Travel Bags

I was supposed to be taking a quick trip with a friend this weekend, but it was suddenly canceled for reasons outside of our control, unfortunately. So while I’m spending the weekend at home now (planning on catching up on my reading and squeezing in a few workouts), I do wish I had somewhere to travel to… if only for the beautiful new luggage Mark and Graham just released.

When I flipped through their catalog, I instantly couldn’t get enough of the collection. It’s perfect for soooo many reasons, and the monogram options place it in a league of its own. Yes. Please.

I actually have a similar bag, but the wheels broke while I was in New Orleans. It’s a pain to maneuver now, but I’ve been sucking it up for the time being. Now I think I have a good replacement option!

I love the soft leather suitcase. It’s a leather-like vinyl according to the website, so I think it’s much more durable and can still be checked without fear. (In case you’re wondering, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers really are magic for cleaning suitcases!) It’s available in a full and a carry-on size as well as the chicest carry-on tote that I’ve ever seen.

But… I’m really into the hard checked spinner. The monogramming options, though… perfection, right? It’s also available in a checked bag too.

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Yes, probably why the suitcase I have now broke… But I also hate carrying on bags, so I always check!


Would love if you could make a luggage post with varying price ranges. This collection is gorgeous but I’m a student and in no way can afford a $200 carry on piece


There’s something about matched luggage that makes me feel more put together/like a more confident traveler. The set I have is vintage, though, which works fine when I need one piece and my train case, but makes it a bit difficult to manage if I need to take more than one of the suitcases, because there are no wheels. Maybe it’s time for me to consign the vintage stuff and invest in a couple of new pieces. =D


I actually bought the White rolling briefcase a little while ago for work (I travel a lot) and have loved it. I can personally attest that it holds up great! It feels like leather, but you can wipe any dirt off easily, and don’t have to worry about any spills!


It doesn’t say on their website; about how much would you say this weighs? My most recent carry on purchase is super cute, but it’s heavier than I thought it would be so I am on the hunt again!