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I can’t believe February is next week!!! I finally feel like I’m getting into a good groove for the year. Only took three-plus weeks, but hey, I’ll take it.

I fit in some good workouts with friends, a few meetings in the city, a session with my new photographer, and started watching The O.A. on Netflix (omg). The worst part of the week was that Hamilton got the stomach bug that Teddy had so it’s been round two of sick dogs. (I’m over it and I think they are too!)

There’s a bunch on my radar today, so let’s jump right in:

ONE // Striped Tie-Sleeve Popover

Is this not the cutest top you’ve ever seen? I’ve been so into sleeves with ties on them, but have mostly seen them on off-the-shoulder tops which aren’t always appropriate (or flattering). It also comes in white, chambray, and a chambray dress.

TWO // A Walk to Remember 15 Years Later

Oh man, I remember when A Walk to Remember came out. My sister and I watched a behind the scenes of it on MTV while we were at my grandparent’s house and I immediately was hooked.  I can’t believe it’s been 15 years and I loved this interview with Shane and Mandy. It’s still one of my favorite movies.

THREE // Lancome’s Custom Foundation

I’d love to try out Lancome’s latest technology which mixes custom foundation. The Tampa Nordstrom has it apparently so I might have to try it the next time I visit.

FOUR // Tuckernuck Vintage Ski

I didn’t get a chance to post about Tuckernuck’s vintage ski collection when it launched, but they still have a few pieces left! Definitely worth checking out.

FIVE // “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” Dad/Daughter Duet

Watching this video of a dad and daughter singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” brought tears to my eyes. The singing is cute on its own, but the lyrics bring it to next-level cuteness.

SIX // Realistic Embroidery by Chloe Giordano

This embroidery work is absolutely mind blowing. Holy cow. I know embroidery is super trendy right now, but this might be the best work I’ve ever seen!!! The little bunnies!

SEVEN // Bow Loafers

DO NOT MISS THESE BOW LOAFERS. They are simply perfection.

EIGHT // Millie Bobby Brown on Ellen

I jumped right on that Stranger Things bandwagon and just love how adorable Millie Bobby Brown is. She seems so smart and mature for such a young girl. And talented.

NINE // Brussels Sprout Tool

Completely unnecessary (like, it’s not that hard to trim Brussels sprouts), but I kind of want to try this little guy out still. It trims and cores the sprouts with one twist.

TEN // Lennon and Maisy “Up and Up” Cover

Lennon and Maisy just released a new music video on Youtube, and they’re amazing. I met them about a year ago at the Kate Spade fashion show, and they were so sweet in person. Love seeing them grow up and sticking together as sisters.

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I heard from the Lancôme Account Executive that the Lancôme in Tysons has it (not sure if it’s Macy’s or Nordstrom but worth a few calls to check).



The OA is an awesome show! I think I bingewatched it in two days! The ending left me thinking for days… I can’t wait for (hopefully) season 2!

Paige Jett

Carly. Thank you so much for mentioning the OA in this post. I had never heard of it and I immediately started watching it since i had no plans last weekend. I binged it in just one whole day and am already rewatching it! I’m obsessed! I’ve gotten all my friends into it too, and we are all suffering together from that ending. Thank you for recommending it!!