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Camel Coat

One thing I’m working on this year is just simplifying my closet and my outfits. Sometimes I feel the pressure, as a blogger, to overaccessorize and over-layer for more blog-worthy (let’s face it: Pinterest and Insta-worthy) outfits. The outfits are always something I would definitely wear, but on an everyday basis, I’m wearing much simpler and more comfortable looks.

I also think they’re just generally more realistic. While I won’t be winning the best style blog anytime soon, I’m hoping that the outfits I do share are ones that you feel like you could easily recreate with what you have in your closet already.

This is another take on my typical daily uniform. If you remember from a few months ago, I mentioned that I’ve been hunting for a camel coat. I tried a bunch this winter and couldn’t find one that I actually looked good in. They were either too big or too long or not quite the right color.

The other week I was in J. Crew (you know, just browsing) and found this camel coat IN MY SIZE. The tag said it was full-priced, but I checked online and it was actually on sale, and then an extra 50% off. It was so worth the wait.

Ballerina Tee

I completely overlooked this ballerina tee, but a stylist recommended that I just try it on. (Famous last words in the fitting room.) I didn’t really need another striped shirt, but the scoop in the back sealed the deal for me.

I love the camel and black combination.

Photos by Courtney Ann Photography

Camel Coat // Ballerina Tee // Jeans // Similar d’Orsay Flats // Kate Spade Bag (c/o)

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I love this outfit and I really love that you are trying to simplify your wardrobe. I think that truly sets a great example for readers. I would love to read more about your process/tactics of simplifying your wardrobe and justifying a new purchase. I am currently trying to do the same thing (it’s tough!).

Taylor |


It took me two years to find the perfect camel coat (Ted Baker this season was on point), so I feel your excitement! Your whole look here is perfect!


So cute! Thanks for posting realistic outfit ideas! Make real the new blog/insta/Pinterest-worthy standard!


Love that you’re being honest with your style! I was def guilty of the over-layering and trying to look more “blog-worthy” but I think I’d rather just inspire women to dress for the real world.
x0x0 Caroline


Carly– So is this the Heathered Acorn color??? It looks so beautiful and classic!


As a former J.Crew Stylist, this was one of my favorite pieces we got last year and I wear mine all the time. Such a classic coat and looks great on you!


I love that you’re simplifying your outfits! I love your style, honestly, it’s so simple yet classy. You’re my outfit goals because I’m almost mid-20s and it’s starting to feel like I should look more put together.

Erica Klein

Yes! I love that your style posts are something that I can recreate with pieces I already own! I’m glad that’s what you do, not that I don’t like the more styled posts (cause I do!) but like you said much more realistic! You look amazing!

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

I bought a camel coat this year too. It’s perfect! Goes with everything, and I don’t see it going out of style anytime soon. Black and tan is always a nice combo! & I appreciate your goal of simplifying outfits and making them realistic! A great outfit in one that makes you feel good. Usually the Pinterest-y ones are full of layers and heavy accessories that aren’t a joy to wear.

Katie McC

I’m glad you can relate to the over layering outfits for Instagram and blogging. I often find myself having to have a “bag” or “hat” to complete my look but sometimes I just don’t have either of those. For me it’s all about the photos and if those look good and the blogger is being genuine, that’s what I respect the most! P.S. love how you are rocking the greys! My sis whos 24 and I who am 26 both have grey hair. Our dad greyd by the time he was in his 30’s so we don’t have very good genetics. We both refuse to die our hair and rock the grey’s anyways!!!


I really appreciate your honestly on your “everyday outfit.” So many of us regular girls feel like we should be looking like Instagram/Pinterest models everyday so it is refreshing to know that even an instagram “icon” doesn’t look like that everyday! 🙂 Also…I have been eyeing that coat for months…how does it fit against the Regent blazer?


I am obsessed with the ballerina tees! I keep buying them in more colors…whoops! They are just too excellent of a staple 🙂


I love a simple look! I read a lot of blogs and often find myself thinking “who wears this many layers?!” My hubby and I joke that I like basics with a little jzush. 🙂