White and Bright

Do you guys have fun weekend plans?! Garrett and I have plans to head out to visit Howie and Jana (and Lilly, of course). It should be super fun and relaxing. And… Memorial Day is the official start to summer. Maybe not actual summer solstice; but it’s definitely the start of rooftop parties, warm and long nights, and weekend getaways.
I’ve personally been rocking white jeans for a while now (like this winter example and this springy example), but at least now my white jeans looks will be completely kosher. Ha!
I will say that I haven’t quite been brave enough to wear white dresses yet. I have a couple ready to go in my closet now and I definitely won’t be able to resist a few more this summer.
TOP ROW, left to right:
BOTTON ROW, left to right:
Shop the white dresses below:

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What’s your favorite one? I’m leaning towards this one!

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