Photo Floral Dress

You guys. I am obsessed with this dress. I pretty much don’t go three days without finding some sort of excuse to wear it. It’s such a fun, comfortable dress. The length is perfect, the fit is just right, and there are pockets. (Did I mention the pockets?!) Dresses with pockets are always a WIN in my book.
See… the pockets! 
The fit and flare makes for a great twirling dress!
Photos by Jess Sturdy

I wore the dress for a rooftop mini-gathering with some bloggers and then switched into flats for a little event with Sleepy Jones. The dress transitions perfectly for different events; in my book, that translates to more bang for your buck.

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I bought this dress for my high school graduation! White is definitely more "classic" graduation, but I thought the dress was just too beautiful to pass up!


Gah, I love the photo floral dress! I bought it as part of my college graduation gift to myself and am wearing it for the first time (to work) today! I wish they'd make every print in this fit/style.

Jessica Mezo

In love with this dress and such a cute couple. 🙂 Hope that you had a great time at the gathering and at the event with Sleepy Jones.

McKenna Brock

Totally just stumbled upon your blog and I'm in love!! Your dress is gorgeous.

I just read your little "about" section and you're living my dream! I spend every summer in Clearwater (well, Dunedin – right next door!) and I want to go to New York after college. It's one of my favorite places in the world. I'm a sophomore, so I've got time, but in the mean time, I'll just keep reading your wonderful, wonderful blog!


Dresses with pockets are literally the best thing to happen to women's fashion. Also I love the purse. Leather cut out accessories are my favorite this season.



love it! best thing is…any dress can have pockets if you know my little secret 😉 xox, @PortaPocketGal