Cutie Tie

Somehow, I only have two finals out of my five classes.  I feel pretty lucky, except I have MANY final papers.  I’m currently working on my second to last paper for my ethics class and I’m just about dying doing so.  Philosophy is not for everyone, and I believe I am the perfect example.  Thinking about thinking just doesn’t do it for me.  I struggle to follow the lectures before my brain gives up.  This paper is no exception.  I only have about a page left to write and then I also have to tweak my argument a little.
Anyways, on a lighter, and preppier note, I was doing some Facebook stalking in between classes one day and saw a picture of a guy.  He was wearing a tie that looked oddly familiar.  “Vera Bradley?” I asked myself.  I conducted a quick google search and much to my surprise: YES!  I don’t know how I missed this!
I am a HUGE fan of men’s ties.  (But not nearly as big a fan as I am for Bow Ties!!!) My dad wore a Lilly tie that matched my graduation dress.  Oh, and who can forget adorable Vineyard Vines?  I’m so excited that I found these Veras…
Now, if only I could convince someone to wear one…
-College Prepster

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Lou Lou

Ah, I’m writing a philosophy paper right now too! It’s not for me either! Your dad is so cute in his Lilly. My boyfriend always wears bow ties for my sorority formals and his fraternity formals, I just love them!


Adorable pic of you and your dad!!! You look great in that dress. My hubby is suprisingly picky about his ties. He’ll wear VV but not Lilly. Not sure if he’d wear a Vera tie. It might be too wild for him. But I think they’re adorable!!


Good luck with all of your school stuff! Goodness!
Also…I love the ties! So cute! 🙂 I especially love the picture of yu and your dad!!


Hmmm!!! Ties remind of a former project you have done….remember..the skirt??? Time to recreate either pic or actuality of new one. It truly is something you should share!!! Can’t believe already time to do next years scheduling!!! Fun weekend coming up????


I love them, too! I didn’t know Vera made ties.
That is a GREAT picture of you and your Dad–how sweet that he wore a matching tie!


Love that your dad wore a matching tie.

For Christmas I got my dad the DC/cherry blossom tie from VV


Hi, I just found your blog and I love it! I’m moving back to DC when I graduate in May, and I can’t wait to meet my fellow DC bloggers. Happy Easter!

Megan G

Can you tell me where you got the pictures of the ties? They would be perfect for my wedding and I have been searching for weeks.