Windy Weekend

Phew.  So this weekend was far from normal.  
The Heavyweights were scheduled to race UVa here in DC this weekend.  Friday would normally be spent doing a shorter workout preparing for the race the next day, but the wind was pretty bad so we had a late launch.  Luckily, our coach found a little spot that was sheltered a little bit, so we got some good work done.
We were all so happy because we didn’t have to be down at the boathouse until 10:15.  That is SO late by crew standards.  Thankfully, we didn’t have to travel which meant that we didn’t have to waste time rigging or de-rigging the boats and loading the trailers.  It takes up a bunch of time.  Plus, bus rides with tons of boys is NOT that fun.  Trust me.
The girls raced in the morning.  When we got to the boathouse the wind was REALLY picking up.  And the weather reports were saying the wind was only going to get worse.  We can row in moderate winds, but this was exceptionally bad.  The coaches met and decided to postpone the race until 5:15 that afternoon.  This left a random chunk of time in between, so I just napped and got some work out of the way.
At 4:45 we headed back over to the boathouse (it’s a 25 minute walk from campus).  There were still HUGE gusts of wind.  The race was postponed again for this morning.  Our arrival time was 5:45, which means we had to leave campus at 5:15 and wake up at 4:55.  The water conditions were so much better!  
We all went out and had some great races.  In rowing, we bet shirts.  The winning team gets the racing shirts of the losing team as a trophy.  It’s a really cool tradition.  Anyways, winning our race meant that we got Virginia racing shirts.  Exciting!
Because the racing started so early, we were back on campus at 8:30.  I took a long nap!  Then spent the afternoon in the library writing an Ethics paper.  Blah.  But, it was SUCH a beautiful day today!!!  It finally felt Springy 🙂
I’m posting a picture I took of the flowers on campus 🙂
-College Prepster

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