Diplomatic Ball

An organization at Georgetown puts on an annual “Diplomatic Ball” where diplomats from a ton of countries come and the students get to mingle with them.  When I first heard about it, I wasn’t planning on attending.  But then, one of my friends decided to go, so, obviously, I just had to go.  I quickly had my mom express ship dress options and heels up to school.  Then, I decided I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t have a date, not to mention the $60 sticker price. 
Literally an hour and a half before it started, my friends and I were eating dinner and one of the guys said how his date couldn’t go because she had a regatta.  He said I could go with him, strictly as friends, and that he wouldn’t even take a picture with me.  How nice! Haha.
We rushed back to the dorms were I had like 25 minutes to get ready.  But I pulled it off.  We had some difficulties getting the tickets from the person we were buying them from, but ultimately everything worked out.
I love seeing my little rowers all dressed up in tuxes.  I love how everyone looks so much older 🙂
The thing itself was not that fun though.  But, they did have good food. Haha.  And we all liked hanging out together and dressing nicely!
OK, I’m off to the boat house for a regatta!
-College Prepster

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Time management is what you learned growing up which proves in any case it is an important asset meeting any endeavor. Your “little boys” cleaned up nice and you looked beautiful!


Love the dress! What is the Lilly name/style; I have not seen it before. Gorgeous!!


Hmm!!! How is the “broken umbrella” search going on??? You know I am anxious for an end to this…kind of an obsession with me and I have lots of obsessions as you well know!!! Do I have to send you one which I had previously thought. Text and let me know before the next rain!!!


Hey Carlie,

This is Jess from your Spanish Class…

Would you mind doing a post on preppy spring belts anytime soon? I need a few….

xox, Jess