Dancing Queen

I just saw the Mamma Mia sequel last week. I was so looking forward to seeing it, but hadn’t really had time to go to the movie theater. I finally had a chance and, ugh, it was so good. It was super cheesy (way cheesier than the first one I thought) and at first, it grated on me. Then with every passing song, I was more and more hooked. Now I’ve had ABBA, particularly “Dancing Queen,” stuck in my head ever since.

Carly Heitlinger

I’ve never quite been a dancing queen at parties or dances. Choreographed dances where steps were memorized? I’m in. Just dancing for fun? No way. In fact, there was very little “fun” about that as far as I was concerned. I do think I danced here and there at proms and homecomings, but instead of being fun I overthought every move (literally) and pretty much hated it.

Maybe at one point I thought I’d outgrow it, but eventually, I did start to think that I was destined to just sit on the sidelines for every party and wedding into eternity.

I’ve slowly, slowly, slowly started to shed some of the self-consciousness I felt while dancing. Last weekend I was in Rhode Island for a wedding and, to my surprise, I danced the whole time. It was 90 degrees with 100% humidity, no air conditioning… and zero nervousness. I had a blast! I didn’t even give the dancing much thought. It wasn’t until the drive home when I was just kind of daydreaming that I made note of how much fun it had been.

I don’t think I missed much from high school danced (where “grinding” was all the rage… it’s not still, is it?! blech), but I’m glad to know I won’t be missing out on the dance floor anymore.

Navy Bow Dress Tortoiseshell Clutch

Gal Meets Glam Dress Wedding Guest Dress   Kate Spade Bow Heels

Navy Bow Dress (c/o) // Bow Heels // Clutch // Similar Bracelet

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love, Love, LOVING this dress and bow heels on you! Simply STUNNING! Especially love the first pic, with the flare in the skirt — I bet you looked amazing on the dance floor!

*Perfect* outfit, in every way (the heels in particular are super sexy with that dress!).

Thanks for sharing, and brightening the day with your grace and elegance.