Skirt + Blouse Combo

So I always have the hardest time figuring out the right skirt and blouse combinations. It’s probably why I usually opt for jeans or a dress. So much easier to find proportions that fit my body (smaller waist, larger chest). Even though skirts and tops are easier to buy two separate sizes, I find that finding tops that tuck in well but still have enough room for my chest (😂) is a challenge.

Right now, this skirt/tank combination has been my go-to. Like, I loved it so much the first time I did it that I redid it with another color combo.

This is the striped skirt and this is the solid navy (currently on sale). I find that J. Crew skirts usually run pretty big and get a 00, BUT the striped version ran a little smaller than usual so I went with a 0. I bought the navy in a 0 thinking it would have the same fit (since it’s the same skirt, just different color), but it runs big like the usual J. Crew. So if you’re getting the solid skirt, go with your usual J. Crew skirt size (which for me is a 00 aka a size smaller than other brands) and go with a size up from your regular J. Crew skirt size in the striped.

Carly Heitlinger

When I posted these on Instagram, I had a bunch of inquiries about where the top is from. I bought both (the cream and the navy) from J. Crew Factory two years ago. These are great staples for your wardrobe. You can wear them with blazers, sweaters, and on their own. They are just good to have on hand.

My exact blouse is no longer available (please bring it back Factory!!!), but I did find some similar options.

J. Crew’s Sleeveless Open V-Neck Top (I have this one as well– I wore it to a polo match a few years ago.)

Ann Taylor Ruffle Neck Shell

LOFT Mixed Media Shell (it also comes in a pretty floral print and bluebird print)

Skirt and Blouse

Also, I guess while we’re here I can address another question I got a lot about what bra to wear under silk blouses. It’s not much of a problem with the navy, but the cream blouses can be tough. (I brought the tank to Nantucket but forgot to pack the right bra to wear with it… so I just couldn’t wear it. The right bra makes a HUGE difference.) You can’t see the bra I’m wearing at all in the photos (in person for that matter), but you 100% can with the “wrong” bra. The trick is to find one that is super smooth and seamless. I find that a more full-coverage bra works best so it’s smooth all the way over, versus a slimmer cut which cuts through the middle of your breast. I have no idea if that makes sense, but it’s best when the lines aren’t front and center– everything will just appear smoother or even non-existent! This is the bra I wear almost every single day… but it does not work with light colored blouses because of where the lace is. Instead, I wear this in a nude that matches my skin color.

PS I have also been trying to be better about sharing more “in the moment” Instagrams. It’s kind of a weird mental shift, but it’s also a relief to not have to overthink every single ‘gram. Hopefully, you guys are liking it as much as I am 🤗

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Danielle Green

I have the problem in matching blouses and skirts as well! Lately I’ve just been going to t-shirts, or something more causal. But I’m loving this look so much! And I really appreciate the mirror selfie. People shame them too much for no reason. It’s the perfect way to get your outfit across!