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A few weeks ago, I started implementing a “goals” list of all the things I wanted to make sure I that I accomplished every day. There were certain things that I was already doing every day and others that I was doing almost every day, but more often than not, I’d slip into bed a little disappointed in myself. The list is mostly about wellness things (like drinking a full glass of water with each meal) and things that I think are important for self-improvement (like reading every day).

I started making the list in my head and finally wrote it down in the beginning of my current to-do list notebook. Once I had it written down, it was much easier to keep track of it all and it forces me to hold myself to it. This week is the first week where I really committed to getting through the list every day. It’s amazing how much better I feel at the end of every night knowing that I’ve truly done my best at doing all the “good” things I know I should be. And I’m realizing that even though some of the tasks are more time consuming (like reading and writing for at least 30 minutes each), I’m replacing bad habits as a result, so I’m actually earning back time. It’s great!!

You're Not Lost

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // You’re Not Lost

Bahhhhh! An advanced copy of Maxie’s book showed up on my doorstep this week. It’s a little surreal to hold a physical copy of your friend’s book. I was in a coffee shop for breakfast this week and while I was reading, the barista asked what the book was about. I was just so proud to announce that my friend had written it!! I’m already halfway through and I’ve pre-ordered my sister and two friends the book because I know they’ll just love it. (You’ll love it too and #maxiemondays gets a little shoutout in the acknowledgments section!)

TWO // YouTube 

A little self-promo here, but after taking a hiatus this summer on Youtube, I’m back posting videos. I already filmed a couple and have some from the spring that I never posted. Excited to be back in the swing of things there. (Let me know what videos you want to see… I think an office tour will be next up!)

THREE // Lilly Pulitzer Polka Dots

So…. this dress doesn’t look like a Lilly dress at all but I think it’s super cute! Polka dots can be very cheesy, but these are pretty cute and summery. I also like the ruffle detailing. While I was checking out their new arrivals, I also noted that they have a striped zip-up right now. These are so comfy to throw on during a chilly summer evening. (Not that we’re having any currently… yikes, so hot.)

FOUR // Suede Puma Sneakers with Bow 

OMG, these sneakers are freaking cute. My mom sent me a picture of them and I have immediately Googled and subsequently bookmarked the webpage. I really, really, really don’t need another pair of shoes but oh, these bows are calling my name! They look like they’d be perfect for traveling: comfortable and super cute.

FIVE // Dazzle Dry Nails

Last week, I was in Newport for a wedding. My friend Alison lives a stone’s throw away from the hotel I was in. She had a sitter for the kids, so we got to sneak away and enjoy some girl time together catching up while getting our nails done. She introduced me to “Dazzle Dry” which is a special kind of nail polish that dries like a gel WITHOUT the need to use UV light. It dried in about five minutes and it’s hard like a gel. And, a week later, I have zero chips. I don’t know how I went this long without knowing what this is… I’m a full convert now! Here’s where you can find a salon near you that does the service!

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Monica Radtke

I always look forward to reading your Friday posts! I can’t wait to check out Maxie’s book. Although, I do have to disagree with you; you always need another pair of shoes!

Ali Koch

This is the post that made me message you asking about the comment section, so glad it’s back up! I’m super nosy/fascinated by people’s to-do lists and daily goals. Would you ever write a blog post about your wellness/self-improvement daily to-do’s?