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I had a different post planned for today. But guys, it’s flipping HOT. Honestly, it’s miserable, but it’s just made me so, so thankful that I can work from home (and don’t have a hot subway commute) and that our apartment has glorious (glorious!!!) air conditioning.

I still can’t be a hermit (although I’ve considered it this past week) though… so comfortable outfits exclusively it is! When it’s hot, I have to dress in a lazy way.

This striped dress has been in heavy, heavy rotation. I can’t say enough amazing things about it. It’s tailored in the shoulders but then swings out. It also has a good amount of stretch in it. Oh, and it barely wrinkles. I have been rolling it up and sticking it in every single suitcase and weekender I’ve packed this summer. It’s just one of those dresses that is always a good idea to have on hand.

If you caught my Instagram story yesterday, I was wearing this dress while shopping in HomeGoods. A bunch of people DMed me about where the dress was from and so I decided to bump this post up to today.

Vineyard Vines Swing T-Shirt Dress

I can’t wear my sneakers just yet because I hurt my toe last week, but these little guys are amazing for walking. Ridiculously comfortable!!!

And I have some sad news about one of my favorite hats… it disappeared. I had it at the lake and I thought I packed it. But when I got home, it was not in my bag. I think it must have slipped under the bed so I think it’s going to be a year before I rescue it! Should I replace it or wait?!?!

Vineyard Vines

Dress (c/o) // Hat // Sneakers (c/o) // Similar Bag 



Hi Carly! Love your blog. I agree, a simple t shirt dress for summer is so cute and comfortable with sandals or sneakers! I have some cute gray women’s converse that look girlier and I have to warn other readers-they aren’t as comfy as they look. Anyway, I say replace the hat unless you can get back to the lake soon. It’s a classic and you’ll use it a lot.


Such a cute look! In this post you mention not being a hermit because you work from home – I just moved back home after graduating college and I am feeling like I am slowly becoming one! Haha. Any tips for avoiding that? I have a lot of friends who live in the city that I don’t see a lot, and I don’t want those friendships to fade, but it’s hard coordinating schedules and making the hour long trek…if you have any advice please let me know!


It’s the dream to be able to wear something like this every day to work in 🙂 I’ve seriously been struggling this summer with extreme heat and “work clothes.”


That’s such a cute dress! Would you say it runs true to size?


Yes! It’s loose through the body (by design), but you don’t want to go down or up a size because the shoulders are normal!


Carlie, I love your blog! I’ve been reading for over 6 years and it just keeps me coming back. I love this look and it’s so easy for summer and put together. Also I think you should just replace the hat, but in a different color. 🙂

Christine S.

Such a cute outfit. I’d just replace the hat – it’s not too expensive and that way you can wear it sometime within the next year!


LOVE that dress on you Carly! Watching your new YouTube video as I write this! Mean comments really stick (seriously aren’t those people working and doing things…) but I’m glad you are able to make videos again!

Katie| http://www.sunshinestyleblog.com


The same thing happened with my white vineyard vines hat! I took it to Aruba with me and it was not in my bag when I came back. Love that hat! And your dress!


I have a very similar dress from C. Wonder that gets heavy rotation in my summer wardrobe. It’s so nice to throw on a light dress when it’s blazing hot!

Jessica from What To Style

This outfit is so easy-breezy.. really liked it! By the way, I think you should wait to rescue your hat, and in case it’s really missed you replace then! 🙂 ❤

Jessica | whattostyle.blogspot.com |
Instagram @ what_to_style

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