From Day to Night

I had so much fun modeling for a couple of weeks ago! I’m a super basic makeup girl. It’s a good day when I remember to do all the steps. (Confession: if someone tells me “steps” of how to do makeup… I stick to that for, well, ever.)
I love makeup, but it’s not my forte for sure. So I was super excited when asked to collaborate. We all decided that it would be fun to go from my normal everyday look to a bolder nighttime look.
I’ll be honest: those red lips and eyeliner made me nervous… But it’s such a different look and I love it! 
Thank you Ashley for the makeup lessonRebecca for the photos, and Jessica for the writeup– had so much fun playing dress up in my apartment!
What are your makeup tips for going from day to night?


PS I’m obsessed with the cat eye look now…

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WOW you look gorgeous! Beautiful on the "before" also, but the glam sure pops out, and it's great to have a different look to go out. And I like this one specially because in the end of the day it's super easy, because you can do the top knot even if you don't have time to wash and style your hair and the make up is simple, the lipstick stands up but it take a minute to apply.
Great look!

Katy King

Carly you look GREAT! I'm super nervous to try out a red lip (like won't even do it for Halloween nervous) but it looks so great on you that I'll give it a second thought! The top knot is a great idea for making the work look more glam- I wouldn't have thought of that.
Katy @ Classic Katy


I love it!!! I don't always know how to go from my every day look to going somewhere at night, but adding brighter lipstick and eyeliner totally works (and the bun of course)!