Cold Weather

Faux Fur Vests

I feel like NYC is rubbing off on me in a big way now that the seasons are changing. The cold weather has me gravitating towards all black, chic and cozy outfits… with pops of leopard. But even more than that, I’m falling in love with a trend that I totally surprises me: Faux Fur Vests.
My city friends have been rocking them forever (Jess loves ’em and Mackenzie does too– she even wore one the first time we met!). Now I’m ready to jump on the bandwagon.
Even two weeks ago, I would have said that faux fur vests were certainly not for me. But every time I’ve been out shopping, I’ve been gravitating towards them in a big way.

How perfect does Olivia Palermo look in hers?

Some of my favorite picks:

Downy Fur Coat

Matilda Faux Fur Vest

Do you have a faux fur vest? How do you style yours?


PS I’m scared… can I even pull this off?!

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Miss Glam Dan

I'm so obsessed with my two faux fur vests. I think they're amazing statement pieces for the fall and winter! 🙂 I love to style them.

Danielle xx


I love faux fur vests, though collars and shawls are my favorite. Popping on a warm, fuzzy faux shearling collar over a peacoat or other jacket is a perfect way to take it from fall to winter. xx


I never thought I would get into this trend, but I have recently been on the hunt for a fur vest. When wearing one, I would let the vest be the focal point and keep the rest of my outfit simple.

The FAB Journal

Jessie Springer

I've had my fur vest for a few years and I still wear it alllll the time during the colder months! They can easily be layered over so many different pieces and are a great way to spice up an outfit, so I suggest you hop on the bandwagon! 🙂 the easiest way I've found to wear mine is over a simple chambray button up, but I also like to later it over sweaters, dresses, etc.



I really liked this trend but I didn't like how the huge vests swallowed my small frame. So I picked one up from the kids section of h&m. Not only was it the perfect size but it was a lot cheaper! I love them over plaid or over sweater dresses.

Alexandra Steinmetz

I have several vintage and faux fur vests. I'm absolutely obsessed and they are definitely a near necessity in New York. Mine have literally gotten me through 5 winters and counting!

Jennifer Kim

I was on the same page as you, girlfriend, but then I studied abroad in Italy last summer and EVERYONE wore a faux fur vest! After that I have been so obsessed and on the hunt for one for my own. Thanks for sharing the links. (:

J @ coffee and honeycomb

Cristina Marie

I love the idea of a faux fur vest…but since the style first became popular a few years ago, I haven't been able to find the perfect one. I'm very picky with how it fits (I don't like them too puffy). Also, affordability is really important! Any cheap suggestions?!