desk job.

I’ve been working up a storm here in Tampa.  Due to internet issues and nosy cats, my laptop usage is pretty much limited to my desk in my room.  No dropped internet, and no cats getting in the way.
I actually love sitting at my desk.  Mostly because of the amazing bulletin board I have.  Every time I look up, I’m overcome with happiness!  The board is filled with pictures, little inspirations, and lots of memories.
If it weren’t for the never-ending to-do lists that have completely taken over my notebooks, I would sit all day and just stare at my pretty board!  Here’s a little glimpse:
Photostrips from a class trip
(I don’t think there is anything more charming than photostrips)
A postcard from California Funk
A picture of baby Carly and my dad
An illustration of my sister and I
Vineyard Vines sticker
Leander Club badge from Henley

This is my favorite part.  It’s up way way way at the top of the board, so I don’t see it right away.  And when I do see it, it’s typically from exhaustion when I find myself staring at the ceiling.  It is then that I’m reminded to take a little break!
What mementos keep you going at your desk?

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the board over my desk at home is covered in magazine clippings from a picture of Wonder Woman to Twiggy and my own artwork from high school, and of course a few photos from when I was little and of my dad who lives in Texas. It is just a great thing to stop and look at.


that is so cute!! i need to start putting some thought into my bulletin boards. love the dove wrapper quote too! 🙂


Looks adorable! I spend a lot of time at my desk, too, but when I look up I just see a painting.


I have that same bulletin board! I got it as a birthday gift about 5 years ago, and it is wonderful! I have some pins going around a part of the ribbon, a lot of pictures and tickets, and an 'M' ornament hanging down on the same nail!


What a cute board! I keep a several photos (including a photostrip!), my varsity letter for academics, a lucky Chinese knot, a corsage from homecoming, and little pins and buttons with cute pictures or slogans on them.


Love it! Your bulletin board is adorable. Mine includes inspiring articles, features on people I love, memoirs from my awesome internship at a museum, badges and buttons and other fun things. It's lots of fun to look at!

Chelsea x


Cute blog and background!! Where did you find yours? I'm looking to do a renovation on mine and would love to find something similar!!