Lands’ End Canvas

Spending a few years of prime time childhood in Massachusetts, my sister and I were always decked out in Lands’ End clothing.  My chickenpox “outfit” (you know, long sleeves so I don’t itch or whatever) was from Lands’ End.  Our summer wardrobes of shorts and tees were from Lands’ End.  Our ice skating apparel was from Lands’ End.  Snow boots & rain boots.  My sister and I would read and dogear every page of the catalog to come up with coordinating outfits!
Somewhere between Massachusetts and braces, we ended our Lands’ End phase.
Everything I used to associate with Lands’ End is wiped away by Lands’ End Canvas.  The new collection provides all the classic wardrobe staples you need (and want) in your closet… and clothes that you’ll want to wear every day!  Comfortable fashion is no longer an oxymoron.
I’m always looking for new dresses to throw on to run errands, babysit in, cook in, wear over bathing suits, etc.  I love that the length of this dress is modest, but the rope drawstring waist adds shape.  It also comes in white/red… and I think I would have a hard time picking between the two colors!

Finding comfortable and attractive shoes that can double as professional or casual- depending on the occasion- is such a challenge.  These ballet flats come in tons of colors… I really may have to splurge on them!

I’m notorious for getting a wicked bad sunburn on Day #1 of a vacation.  Where does that leave me?  Hiding under umbrellas and towels for the remainder of the trip.  The worst part, though, is having to wear tight clothes to dinners out when my skin is on fire!!!  Loose shirts are a MUST.  I love the swoop neck and slightly-off-the-shoulders look of this blouse.

Bah.  I just love everything about this outfit.  From tote to toes.  I’ve been hunting for the perfect pair of denim cutoffs, but it’s surprisingly difficult.  No, thank you, I don’t want to wear shorts that could double as underwear… and No, thank you, I’m not a middle aged woman.  These denim cutoffs look to be exactly the perfect length.

As if I needed another bathing suit…. how adorable is this bikini?!?!
Are you loving Canvas as much as I am?

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the best thing is that the quality far exceeds the cost- i got a couple of bathing suits from LEC on major sale for less than $20, and the top even had underwire! such a great buy.


I have the shoes and they are seriously amazing. They don't pinch or give me blisters (I get blisters in just about every pair of shoes, new ones and old ones will give me a random blister). And they look great with everything!


Ah, much of my childhood was spent in Lands' End, due to summers spent in Maine. Canvas is really amazing; that bikini is adorable.


Love! I'm from Mass and I agree. As J Crew gets a little bit trendier, I've been turning to LEC for some classic "new england prep" pieces.


I was in Madison, WI this past week and found the only free standing LEC store – I couldn't believe it. AND it was amazing – I can't wait to go back!