DIARY No. 100

When I went to do this post, I thought no way had it been two weeks since the last one and, yep, confirmed. It’s been two weeks. WHY is this summer flying by so fast?! Anyway, here’s what we’ve been up to for the past two weeks(ish– cutting it off early so I can do a separate Nantucket one when we’re home).

We went for a nice little walk with my SIL and my in-laws’ lab. It was the nicest day and we had to take advantage of the beautiful temps.

Anyone else struggle with toddler meals?! I’m so bad at it. It’s probably one of the things I struggle the most with as a mom. Most of the meals I put together look like this. A little bit of everything on a plate and calling it a day 🤣 I call it picnic lunches.

Mike SAVED me the other day. I had a new fridge delivered for my office and it was an ordeal getting the delivery. Finally it arrived and the Fedex guy just left it outside of the building on this huge wooden pallet. I did NOT know what to do because it was just in the middle of the sidewalk in the center of town! Mike happened to be driving by and I was waving my arms saying, “I need help!!!” He saw me! Parked the car and hoisted this bad boy all the way up to the office space.

Making real progress on Mike’s stocking. It is taking a long time and I’ll admit that I got a little bored. I finally got to the point where I could roll up the stocking to move to the next section and woo! there was not as much canvas left as I was anticipating!! (All the details on our stocking here.)

Our latest Lovevery kit got lost in the mail and they resent it. It arrived at the perfect time…. right when we were due for a ton of thunderstorms! Jack loves every kit and Lovevery nails the toys every time. Spot on!

Do you guys go through phases of coffee drinks? Every few months, I get a new obsession and that’s all I want to drink and then I get bored and move onto another craving. Right now I’m loving plain iced coffee with a little splash of whole milk. It’s all I can think about once 1pm rolls around….

A tiny home update: our shades for the living room were installed! Love how they look– just adds a tiny bit more warmth and texture.

Ending with this photo of my road trip buddies! I drove up to the ferry with the dogs so I could bring the car over and Jack and Mike met us here the next day. They were so good on the drive and the drive was a breeze. Never know how it’s going to go so I was pleasantly surprised.

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For toddler food, try just having him eat what you eat. My son is older now and we were given this advice when our son was tiny and it was wonderful. So much less work and exposes them to lots of new flavors and textures. We never made two meals! Makes it easy 🙂


Yes! I have upped my iced coffee game this summer and even got a nice new coffee grinder for myself. 🤗

Deborah Flanagan

Love the shades! What brand and color? Have been going back and forth on similar ones for months!


Kidseatincolor on IG is a great resource for toddlers and kids in general regarding meals and stretching their food vocabulary. I recommended the account to anyone I know with little kids.