ON MY RADAR 6.30.23

Wow, wow, wow! I am exhausted and happy and exhausted and did I mention happy? We’re on Nantucket for a couple of weeks as a family vacation. This is always my favorite place to be and this year is no exception. Traveling with a toddler is a lot, but I’m so excited to get into a routine and make some memories. So far, so good! Mike and I divided and conquered for the trip up– I drove up with the dogs and he and Jack flew up the next day. We had zero travel hiccups between both routes and we are happy to be boots on the ground and ready to go!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Limone Scarf Print Dress

This may be one of J. Crew’s chicest dresses ever. The print feels like something you may have seen on the cover of a 2008 catalog on location in Italy! I 100% need to try it on, even though I don’t have any fun European vacations planned….. it’s more of a mindset kind of dress, right?! Obsessed!

TWO // Family Travel Guide: Highlands, NC

Minnow Swim released this awesome travel guide for families for Highlands, NC. I have to admit, this area was not on my radar and now it totally is. It looks so beautiful and quaint and the perfect kind of lake vacation. I really appreciated the tips for families especially in the guide– one of the most thoughtful travel guides I’ve seen a brand put out. (It was curated by Arbiter Travel Co and I bookmarked their services for future trips!!)

THREE // Barbie Dreamhouses by State

I originally saw photos of these AI generated Barbie Dreamhouses on TikTok! It is wild to see what AI comes up with. Some of the states are better than others. I’m quite fond of Connecticut’s, which looks straight out of Gilmore Girls (Barbie’s Version).

FOUR // Cane Acrylic Tortoiseshell Clutch

Hello dream clutch!!!! I have one a little too similar so I’m going to have to live vicariously through one of you. Get this adorable clutch please!!! Cane and tortoiseshell? What could be better?!

FIVE // Summer Bowl with Hot Honey Halloumi 

I absolutely love halloumi and this salad looks perfect for summer meals. It doesn’t seem like it would take too long to put together and it has so many delicious summer flavors packed into one beautiful dish. Saw a video of it and went off in search of the recipe. Filing it away!

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Can’t wait to see all the pics from Nantucket! Between you and Georgie Morley I have seen so many beautiful pictures that I’ve added it to my bucket list!


I made a modified version of that recipe last week! It was so yummy and I want to make it again next week.


TWO // Family Travel Guide: Highlands, NC’s link is to the J. Crew dress FYI 🙂


I have been to the Highlands multiple times. It really is a great weekend trip that would be perfect late summer/early fall!

Ellen E. Elliotte

Check out High Hampton in Cashiers near Highlands! We just went with our friend’s two year old daughter and it was the best service we have ever had. Super family friendly, amazing meals – grown up summer camp!