Needlepoint is my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day. It feels so meditative and it is the perfect activity to do while watching a show or listening to an audio book. I know, based on what people are searching here and what people are asking via email and DM, a lot of people are interested in needlepoint but don’t know where to start. Since I have a few posts already with resources like my Needlepoint for Beginners post that’s great to reference for a comprehensive guide if you’re new to needlepoint, I wanted to round up a few cute needlepoint kits for beginners.

Needlepoint kits for beginners are great because they take out all of the guesswork when it comes to choosing the right size thread, colors, and deciding how much you need to complete your canvas. They also come with all of the basic supplies you need to start your project other than scissors.

You can make needlepoint as complicated as you want, but at its core, it’s super simple. I like to describe it as paint by numbers with thread (or “fibers” as its called in the needlepoint world!). Where you have more creativity (and therefore more room for error) with embroidery, needlepoint canvases are pre-painted and give you the exact blueprint so to speak of what to do. My biggest needlepoint for beginners tip is to start small! Choose a small canvas with no more than four or five colors.

You should absolutely stitch something that sparks joy to quote Marie Kondo. Pick a canvas that really makes you happy! And if you’re stuck with something, start with Youtube. This video is great for getting started and will get you set up right from the get-go. All of these canvases are great beginner needlepoint projects if you want to take up stitching this summer. Happy stitching!

needlepoint kits for beginners



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I don’t have IG, so I wouldn’t know if you shared there. But can you share the pjs you are wearing. Also, thanks for sharing these kits. I have started doing needlepoint in the evenings and feel like I have all the “good” shops on lock, but haven’t seen these kits just yet. Although I can spot a Sara Fitz a mile away! Love her.

Aly Maixner

Looking through Penny Linn’s site, I noticed they had an OG American Girl Doll collection…. have you seen/tried any of these? The are a lot of fibers for a beginner, but so fun!

Rachel C

After flirting with the idea of trying needlepoint for a while, this post prompted me to order a canvas kit and give it a try! I took your advice and picked something that “sparked joy” (‘book lover’ from Penny Linn). I’m excited to give it a try! I’m hoping it will be a good activity to do at night while my husband and I watch tv so my hands are engaged but I’m not just scrolling my phone.

Deborah ham

Love your section on needlepoint on your blog. I don’t generally follow blogs or social media as I am an old lady, but I found you on YouTube and I followed you here and love the needlepoint canvas suggestions. I did it when I was younger. The continental stitch and I am eager to start again. You are a beautiful young lady and the blog is classy and elegant.

woodrow w. west

christmas present for 9 year old granddaughter. (beginner) whats the difference between needle point or embroidery? I plan on ordering for her in the next couple of weeks. I know nothing of these such things. HELP